I am so blessed when friends pass along my words

whisperingI’m never upset when friends don’t understand what I’m trying to convey and cut me off.   I’m not for everyone. It’s not that I’m so insightful, I simply have a profound grasp of essential truth.  Not everyone vibes there. It’s always a blessing the times I’m initially mocked for something and then later realization sinks in and  someone is able to put it into practice and have an expanded life because of words I’ve spoken. And when they go on to repeat those words to help expand other lives and give others hope, I am blessed a thousand times over.  It matters not what their intention is, whether they even admit to ever having known me.  My intention is to be of value. It is my intention that directs my course. (And these words that changed my life when I got them from wherever I got them, it’s not like a word is ever mine.)
Awakening and Opening Eyes: The caterpillar is not dying