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We are here to take our own experiences, our own lessons, our own paths and guide others to theirs.

Guest blogger today: Tina Elizabeth Singletary

Our struggles, our battles are what mold us into the strong warriors that are here to serve and protect the ones who still need to wake up… the innocent ones that are awake, but not yet strong enough to endure what we have. We are here to take our own experiences, our own lessons, our own paths and guide others to theirs. Continue reading

Create it for yourself and watch someone else pay you for having done it

Last month, I was contacted by a friend I edit for about an idea she had forming.  She remembered we’d had a conversation on the topic once and asked if I could elaborate for her.  We chatted a few minutes, she gave me a word count and sent over a portion of her manuscript.  As I read over the material, I was reminded that I’d over the past year journalled some private thoughts on the matter. I smiled as I checked the word count and realized she’d essentially be paying me for work I’d already done.  At the time, I thought I was journalling private ideas for my future contemplation.  I shared it with no one.  Continue reading

I love sitting alone in the silence in nature at night time

I love the night sounds of nature, especially being in it and away from “the box.”   “The box” meaning being surrounded by electricity: the hum of the refrigerator and tv, the sound of the water pump, the buzz of sitting next to an electrical outlet. About 2:00am, I heard a giant weird crash outside and went out to investigate.  I could hear something crashing off into the woods. Poor whatever it was scared itself.  It sounded like a mastodon, so was probably a raccoon.  It was only about 50 degrees out there at 2:00am.  There is a beautiful night sky, and it’s supposed to get down to 38.  I can hear the wind chimes in the garden and the leaves rustling overhead.    I feel refreshed just being in nature.   Whether I am walking through my little trails and gardens here, or sitting out at the firepit under the big oaks listening to the lizards and squirrels and birds at play, nature relaxes and renews me like nothing else. Continue reading

To the one who glared at me in anger as I drove by today

This is a small planet, even if you did not live across the street.  We’re going to see each other.  I understand you’re angry I outed your deception.  That will only sting until you see the blessing, which is that you do not have to lie to have people love you.   When you drop the facade and drop the anger, your baggage will begin to resolve itself. You’ll no longer have to hide and make hateful faces at those who set your soul free. I’m going to pretend the sun was in your eyes. We can all use a little blinding by the Light.

They didn’t know their partner had another whole secret life

The purpose of this post is to show that once our eyes are opened, we can make better informed decisions about how to get the most joy out of our life.  That doesn’t mean look for trouble.  It means if you’re less than satisfied, looks for signs to improve.  I wrote at I Thought This Was Over that I’d been deceived by an ex living a secret life, and I got many responses from women with the universal story of living with men who had other lives on the side they knew nothing about.  Here are two of them that pretty much represent 80% of the stories I got. Continue reading

Still cutting pine tar out of kitty’s fur

I just cut another few kittens’ worth of fluffy hair off Izzy the Big giant Kitty as we continue to free his dreads from the pine tar debacle.  Now if I can just do the ones on his tummy without him turning all Edward Scissorhands on me. So far, his tail and neck ruff remain intact. I have to leave him with some dignity.