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I made way for the new energy, now old things are showing up in new ways and I am seeing with new eyes

Two weeks ago as I did my my new moon ceremony, I’d contemplated what I wanted to bring into my life for 2013.  One cycle had ended; a new one begins.  What did I want that to look like?  I decided on more time with friends doing fun adventures. Doing more in person readings and fewer phone sessions.  Last week as I did my full moon ceremony,  I cleared every bit of space in my home. I rearranged everything and discarded talismans that no longer served me.  I made way for the new energy and released the old.  It is already bearing fruit for me.  Old things are showing up in new ways and I am seeing with new eyes.  Everything old is new again.

Sometimes the one you think is holding you down is saving your life and keeping you from hurting yourself.

A story here of a man having a seizure, falling onto the subway tracks as a train is approaching.  A father of two jumps down and rolls him between the tracks, lies atop him hoping he can hold him down and the train can go over them.  The clearance is 21″.  They made it by 1/2 inch.  Sometimes the one you think is holding you down is saving your life and keeping you from hurting yourself.
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Hair brushing, lovemaking and bringing peace to the world

Brushing my hair last night, I posted on Facebook:  “Years ago I had a mate who would brush my hair and massage my scalp and it was the best lovemaking ever. That might be an Aries thang.”  It turned into an interesting thread:

Jay Smith: “It’s not so much an Aries thing as it is that most men are self centered – very few are enlightened and know that you have to “Give to Live”.  Hate to say that about my own pack but… I used to brush my ex’s hair and massage her neck and scalp every night. I’d swear it was more for me as I would look younger every day back then.”

Andrea:  “Jay LOL yes, from the women I speak to the last 20+ years, the main complaint about sex is that men get wrapped up in the pleasure we give them, thinking that’s all WE need for satisfaction. Once they have an erection, many think their job is done. Ours becomes mostly emotional satisfaction knowing we give them pleasure. Rather than be aggravated they don’t reciprocate with touch, we take care of that ourselves later. Few and far between are men who are conscious lovers.”

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I attract karmic backlash in relationships because I have not always acted admirably with men

It's time to lay all my burdens down

A friend and I were speaking yesterday about the lessons we attract, who we attract to learn them with and that people show who they really are according to how they perceive us.  The lessons I’m learning now are very linked to the me of 20+ years ago.  I did not always act admirably with men. I used flirtation to gain favor. I implied sexual promise to keep their attention.  When my attention wavered from one man to another, I was quick to move on with little regard of how the other felt.  I didn’t give it a thought, I was done.  There was always a new man on the horizon. I knew I was near the top of the looks and personality chart, I just didn’t have a soul yet.  Continue reading

Frank Maiello: where you have problems, there your ego is found

Frank T. Maiello, an early on mentor of mine who was a cruical stepping stone to to my awakening in consciousness

“Know that wherever you have problems in your life, there the ego is found. and where the problems have their depth, find there the weight of that ego.  What’s less understood for newbies on the razor’s edged path of return, is where would we be without this ego?  One must befriend bewilderment; it makes certainty look like our *true* enemy.  For, isn’t it out of certainty we find our deepest trap… our prison of treacherous opinion… our cause of social alienation… our death of *true* freedom?”
Frank T. Maiello


The silly girl sh*t has already begun? Begone, you don’t exist for me.

Just a few hours after I shared a post on my Facebook wall, I began receiving messages from gleefully self appointed double agents in a matter a friend and I consider resolved.  Please do not send me what he wrote to you in confidence, nor (secondhand/hearsay) details of phone conversations.  That’s not the kind of friend you want to be.  That’s deceitful.  No one deserves that.  And Rosie Neal I unfriended after you sent me your sign on info and password because you thought I needed to see something that was none of my business: you profess to be his friend, or mine?  I will not be a party to deception.  He and I have settled our differences.  If you were entrusted with a secret, why are you divulging it?  Everyone loves to talk, and those you talk to behind the scenes talk to me.  This is not who you want to be. This is not where you want to vibe.  Count me out of all of this.  It’s none of my business, I do not care, and I simply have other things to do that are a lot more fun. We all try to fill our emptiness with something outside ourselves until we learn we can draw from the wellspring within. It’s only the deepest drinks that satisfy me.  Nonsense like this are but feathers on the wind of my life, soon to be puffed away as the nothingness that they are.

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Lost and confused, then the relief of being found and recognized and welcomed

This started out to be a post about how I scored an art set at a friend’s garage sale today but I think getting lost and found was the greater victory.  Galpal Shannon Gronich was part of a community garage sale and I wanted to see her.  I’d been there before, I knew it was in a popular subdivision, I figured my muscle memory would take me there. Wrong.  First, the phone kept ringing and texting in, taking my map off the screen. Second, being a community garage sale, every few blocks had lines of cars stopped or stopping all over the  street.  Then I kept driving straight when I should have made my first left.   Five minutes later I pulled over and text her for the address.  I enter it into my cell phone’s GPS and voila, on the screen appears where I am, where I want to go and how to get there.  Back on the road, I keep glancing at the map but suddenly I am blocks away from where I thought I was, and going in the wrong direction.  WTF?   Continue reading