2012: Disaster Movies and Law of Attraction. How To Keep From Clouding Your Psychic Centers with Emotional Interference

A friend posted on Facebook last week, along with a movie poster of the movie 2012: “If people were better educated about the power of individual and mass thoughts, words, and images, they would not make movies like this.” I completely agree. I flat out don’t watch violence or horror flicks, or even the daily news of man’s inhumanity against man.  I don’t care to, even for 90 minutes of fantasy, vibrate in harmony with disaster movies, with being afraid, feeling insecure, watching everyone lose everything around them and wail in pain and fear and misery.  I don’t need that stuff in my consciousness.  That is nothing that adds to my enjoyment of life, so I don’t let it in.   Why? I don’t want to have to wade through the emotional filters that spring up after watching something like that, when my job depends on me being tuned in to my intuition and tuned in to the subtleties of the nonphysical world around me.

I’ve done psychic readings as a profession since the 1980’s, and I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, as far as keeping my signal clear.  If I am digesting a meal, not so clear.  It’s like the food throws a filter or a screen over the lens into which I peer.  I’m sure it’s just that the digestive process subconsciously takes part of my attention, since where energy flows, attention goes.  If I need sleep, I’m surprisingly clear.  If I am doing bookkeeping, not remotely clear.  The math work my brain goes through throws up a giant filter between the info, the scene, and what I end up seeing.  If I just woke up, I’m pretty clear.  If I smoke the rare clove cigarette, not real clear.  If I am emotionally involved in thought, that’s the biggest filter of all.  It’s also when my impressions are the most likely to be illusory: false, low level, astral impressions.

What is an astral impression? People use the word “astral” in different ways.  When I use it, I mean the astral plane as the plane of emotion, the plane of the collective thoughts of mankind, including their fears and fantasies.  The astral plane is the plane most psychics pick up on.  That’s why they can pick up on your thoughts and plans, and still be completely wrong as to predictions of outcome.  For many who practice as psychics, all they have access to is the astral plane and to top it off, they have their emotional filters on top of that, as well as the digesting filters and the smoking/drinking filters, etc.

It took me about 20 years to learn my pattern, to learn I had to remove the filters to be most effective since I was doing this professionally full time now.  Like for about ten years I kept the tv off.  That removed a big layer of personal emotional thought and reaction.  That practice helped me know what my thoughts and my skills are like without a constant daily emotional reaction.  The first time I fasted, I become markedly clearer, so I stopped eating before sessions and was rewarded by more clarity.

It took me like 20 years to figure out what works and what puts a damper on my intuition.  And watching movies designed to take the viewer on an emotional roller coaster ride isn’t something I need to have in my consciousness.  I learned long ago to not let in thoughts and people who do not add to my experience.  If it isn’t a plus, if it isn’t an upliftment from where I am, I simply do not consider it a priority.  Period.

Some good buddies say “Oh, I just like watching action movies.”  To each of them I say, “is everything in your life going as you want it to go?” and for many of them, the answer is a “not quite yet.”  When I begin watching movies that elicit emotion, or have startling, sudden scenes that surprise the nervous system, I think about those scenes for a while afterward.  My experience of course does not have to be yours.  I see the world with a much more focused eye than most.  If I’m emotionally wound up about something, I can’t be psychically clear, period.

If you are experiencing any kind of lack in your life, it’s connected only to your state of consciousness.  If spending thought-time with the scenes from a movie such as 2012 add to your sense of well being and connection to Source, and thoughts of a hopeful future, then this suggestion isn’t for you.  If not, try a 30 day fast of no violence or horror or news, just for relativity.

Then there is a woman I know who is 77 years old and her daughter took her to see 2012, although she didn’t really care to go.  She has been horrified ever since that something like that could happen.  The scenes of the movie have not left her mind.  She talks to her friends, who she also scares to death, and is afraid to go to sleep because she is afraid she will dream about what she saw.  And she’s just one person I know.  People do not know what fear they put in someone else’s heart by what they put out there.

So as far as 2012 and other disaster movies, Jeffrey Smith said “I’m going to make my own movie called 2013 – We’re still here and Love abounds.”  Jeffrey knows what it’s all about.

And, anyway, if tomorrow we lose everything we’ve ever known, so what?  Abraham-Hicks says that  “Asking what comes after death is like asking what comes after lunch? Or what comes after sleep? Or what comes after now?   The answer is more!   More opportunities to focus, more opportunities to compare and, gloriously, more opportunities to decide.   You are eternal beings, romping about the Universe, giving your careful attention to a myriad of subjects, finding pleasure and interest and satisfaction everywhere you turn — forever!”

I’m not worried.  I know it will just be like going to sleep here and waking up there.  I’ll just wake up somewhere else and the next step will be shown to me then.

I’m ready.  Hey, if this was my last day on earth, I’d look back on my life and be giddy with joy that I was the one who got to live it.


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