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Mondays 6:30pm Sound Vibration Healing for the Waters – Bicentennial Beach, Indialantic, FL

We meet each Monday, come join us. Sound Vibration Healing for the Waters.   “In the beginning was the Word.”  Could this word have been a sound?  Most definitely it was vibration.  Everything has a vibration.  When we create vibration with intention, we can effect changes.  Imagine co-creating a change from an intention using sound vibration as we unite in collective consciousness.  And then imagine doing this by the water, the ocean.  Sound travels well in water…..about 4x faster in water than in air.   Please pass this on to others. People have felt it is important to do this on a continuing basis. Continue reading

When people try to stop you from doing God’s work

I had a reading last night with someone I’d not read for before.  She told me her problem was that she’s a metaphysical healer and teacher and she is always running into people who try to stop her from doing God’s work.  The insight we got was that if she was doing God’s work, no mere human mortal could keep her from doing that.  She told me her spirit guides advised her that this one and that one were against her and trying to ruin her reputation and that she needed to call them on it and defend herself to others.  The insight we got was that if she took her attention off of them and focused solely on her work, the pathway would open for her.  She told me her guides were never wrong.  She told me she was consulting with me simply to find out how to increase her income.  The insight we got was that if she’s in touch with spirit guides, they would advise her, and that if she’s doing God’s work, the money would come. If it’s not, if answers and income are not forthcoming, the insight was that she could rethink what she’s doing and make course corrections as needed.

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My iron and vitamin scores after taking supplements for 30 days

After writing What I’m doing to increase the iron in my body on October 7th, I began taking Ferro Sequels as an iron supplement.   On October 5th, my iron score was a low of 47.  On November 11th it scored 65.    I don’t know if that has to do with taking supplements or not. I just found out that I should be taking the Ferro Sequels on an empty stomach and that eating it with certain foods inhibits absorption.  My bad.  Maybe it will test higher after another 30 days.  I did two extra tests at the lab this time, one for Vitamin D and one for Vitamin B12. I began taking the Vitamin B12 after a friend told me she had the deficiency symptoms, which included feeling tired all the time.   I’d begun being tired, so thought I’d take some, too.  The results of the blood test show that my Vitamin B12, which I have only taken maybe once a day for the past month, skipping some days altogether, scores high at 1166.  They say the optimum level is 211-911 PG/ML.  Everyone has a different idea of what a normal or optimum range is.  I’m thinking I can stop taking the B12.
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A bowel movement should not take 45 minutes

I wrote on Facebook that a friend mentioned in casual conversation that she spends 45 minutes each morning in the bathroom to eliminate. She said she thought that was the normal time for a bowel movement. I thought a quick 1-2 minutes was normal. Get in quick, get out quick, no one gets hurt. She’s a savvy, health conscious person and fairly healthy. I was surprised her thinking that was normal.  I asked on Facebook, “what do you think normal is?”  The general consensus of the comments below is between 2-5 minutes, and that the solution is to drink a lot more water, exercise and add fiber to the diet.  The comments are below, but first:
BEST LAXATIVE: Mix 2 oz of milk of magnesia into 4 ounces of warmed prune juice. Nurses call this “a black and white.” Follow with 8 oz warm water (essential to success). Expect a bowel movement within 30 minutes to 6 hours. Milk of Magnesia is a saline laxative which means it acts by drawing water into the intestine to help gently pass the bowel movement.

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I had a weird dream last night

I’ve been getting more sleep lately and it feels good to do that.  I went to bed about 7:00pm and woke a few times to think about how neat it felt to just lie in bed and feel sleepy and know that it’s still early and that I’m getting a lot of good sleep and have hours more of nice darkness to sleep in before I get up to start my day.  I woke up about 2am from a typical dream I have a time or two a year. This was last night’s dream: I’m somewhere with a friend and neither of us has our i.d. on us.  I am concerned we are going to be caught without it. We get separated.  I don’t have my phone with me, my friend has it.  I ask strangers if I can use their phone and no one wants to let me use theirs. I think it has something to do with how I am dressed.  They are very professionally dressed and I am in casual wear.  I go into a large building, an institute or campus of some sort and and I go into the kitchen of the restaurant.  I know they won’t care how I’m dressed.   Continue reading

The unconscious mind’s automatic rebuttal to “An 8 minute creative visualization workshop to increase dollars”

dollars in handIn black below is my original 8 Minute Creative Visualization Workshop To |Attract Dollars and in blue are probably the same words you hear coming from your own conscious mind if you’re new to creative visualization and affirmative thought.  Don’t worry, these automatic counter-thoughts will only come up the first billion or so times you do it.  Let them come up and just release the thought each time and move on to the next.  With enough practice, the counter-thoughts subside and then you’ll be a real magnet. Here’s the original post in black with typical automatic counter-thoughts in blue.    Continue reading

An 8 minute creative visualization workshop to increase dollars

dollars in handI often get asked for specific words to repeat to attract money.  The secret is they are words that make you feel excited and make you feel it is possible for you.  These are the words that do that for me.  Anytime I want more dollars to flow, I do this short visualization exercise maybe a dozen times a day.  I call it a visualization workshop because I take my visualization seriously and realize it is important work.  I think of how good it feels having extra money and getting unexpected money.  I remember a time I got extra money and how it felt.  I remember a time I got unexpected money and how it felt.  I remember hearing about someone getting unexpected money and how excited they were.  I remember seeing on tv and in the paper about someone winning the lotto and how excited they were.  I remember that I am the one who attracts things to me by thinking about them, so for a few minutes here I am just going to think about how I’d feel if I got some extra unexpected money.   Continue reading