A bowel movement should not take 45 minutes

I wrote on Facebook that a friend mentioned in casual conversation that she spends 45 minutes each morning in the bathroom to eliminate. She said she thought that was the normal time for a bowel movement. I thought a quick 1-2 minutes was normal. Get in quick, get out quick, no one gets hurt. She’s a savvy, health conscious person and fairly healthy. I was surprised her thinking that was normal.  I asked on Facebook, “what do you think normal is?”  The general consensus of the comments below is between 2-5 minutes, and that the solution is to drink a lot more water, exercise and add fiber to the diet.  The comments are below, but first:
BEST LAXATIVE: Mix 2 oz of milk of magnesia into 4 ounces of warmed prune juice. Nurses call this “a black and white.” Follow with 8 oz warm water (essential to success). Expect a bowel movement within 30 minutes to 6 hours. Milk of Magnesia is a saline laxative which means it acts by drawing water into the intestine to help gently pass the bowel movement.

Here are the Facebook comments about “what do you think normal is:”

DWH: I’m with you, Andrea. In and out as quickly as possible!

BJL: Amazingly whatever anyone thinks is normal is normal. (Not Of Reality, Mentally A Limit)

SBE: I’m with you, Andrea… there is nothing I want to do for that long on the toilet… ever.  LOL  My son once took a lap tray and all his legos with him to do his business… he was in there an hour “constructing”

MM: Dr. Oz talks about it, so why can’t we. Sounds like she should talk to her dr about it. (Fiber may be needed.)

DP: some people like to get sh## done, and some like to relax and let it happen… My grandfather could be in there for hours… I need 5 minutes.

SH: depends on if I have had my coffee of the day yet… then it flies out

BE: Maybe it’s her only alone time or she likes to read LOL!  Too much info!

Andrea: No, I asked and she told me it takes 45 minutes for her body to complete the act. And it’s not too much info. If you don’t know what’s normal and healthy, you don’t look into what’s happening with your body. She’s the one who told me I needed iron and she was right. She asked me if the iron constipated me as it does many people. I said no. Hence the topic ensued.

ML: I think you are right Andrea, though it is quite personal info, it’s VITAL that one is aware of what ‘the norm’ is generally… It’s also so important to have psyllium if it is indicated (as it is in your friend’s case) — this ‘function’ has such far-reaching effects if it is not as it could be… THANKS for posting. So many have no one to even discuss it with. Brave, Courageous, and helpful of you to post it. !!! ???

SP: Don’t her feet go to sleep?  She must have a good book.  Needs to drink much more water.  Dave Brubeck had a tune out years ago called Take Five.  Sound advice.  She should see a Doctor.

Andrea: Ah, drinking lots of water = my saving grace

DC: maybe add some good enzymes… more fruit/veggies/raw…

RK: whole grain cereal for a bed-night snack [I like Kashi GoLean Crunch!]

RK:  We check our car’s gas mileage, oil & water levels as an indication of how efficiently it’s working – but we overlook the same simple daily clues about our body’s efficient function. This is an artificial social construct we should get over – at least in appropriate settings [not such good cocktail party conversation].

Andrea: RK, I completely agree. I pay attention to what goes in and out of my body

DD: the older one gets, the more ‘normal’ such topics become. I’m glad she shared it with you.

SS: depends on how good of a book you have with you

CU: Tell your friend if she ate more fiber and drank more water she could shorten that time up. It seems like a terrible waste of time to me. HA.

LH: That is way to long to have a BM. It never should take that long. Even for a man.

VT: ?1-2 minutes tops would be a healthy time. She probably needs to drink more water and put more fiber in her diet. Exercize would help too.

BC:  ?90 Secs. MAX

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A bowel movement should not take 45 minutes
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