When people try to stop you from doing God’s work

I had a reading last night with someone I’d not read for before.  She told me her problem was that she’s a metaphysical healer and teacher and she is always running into people who try to stop her from doing God’s work.  The insight we got was that if she was doing God’s work, no mere human mortal could keep her from doing that.  She told me her spirit guides advised her that this one and that one were against her and trying to ruin her reputation and that she needed to call them on it and defend herself to others.  The insight we got was that if she took her attention off of them and focused solely on her work, the pathway would open for her.  She told me her guides were never wrong.  She told me she was consulting with me simply to find out how to increase her income.  The insight we got was that if she’s in touch with spirit guides, they would advise her, and that if she’s doing God’s work, the money would come. If it’s not, if answers and income are not forthcoming, the insight was that she could rethink what she’s doing and make course corrections as needed.

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