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Storytelling on Facebook or how I trick myself into pretending I have a social life

Last night I felt like I could use some socializing, but by the time I showered and washed my hair, I didn’t feel like driving out.  Since I had the rare night to myself, I opted to stay in.  I’d spent the day working on the October Horizons Magazine and, although I’d been talking with advertisers and publicists, I wanted some friendly interaction with people I actually know.  Or kind of know.  I turned to Facebook and posted:  Hey, let’s all tell a story! Write a few lines, picking up where the one before you left off. I got a long thread of great comments and the story went on for over an hour.  This is one reason I love Facebook.  I felt I was sitting around a campfire with my friends telling a goofy story.  It felt very companionable.  Here’s the story: Continue reading

How to Cook Beans So You Don’t Get Gas

Beans are one of my favorite things to eat, and I am always amused by everyone’s jokes about them.  The truth is not everyone gets gas when eating beans and, if they do, it likely has more to do with what they ate along with it.  Only if you’re eating processed foods for much of your diet will you have a problem with gas after eating beans.  People don’t understand that it’s their processed foods that cause them to have food interactions.  Processed = anything with a label. When cooking beans, you simply clean, rinse, then soak. Long slow soaking, and long slow cooking is best.  Don’t add salt or baking soda to beans when cooking, because the sodium prevents them from softening.  Instead add a few fennel or cumin seeds, a slice of ginger, a bay leaf to soften the fiber, convert the sugars, and add nutrients to make beans more digestible. Cover and simmer until very soft. Continue reading

I remember 9-11

I learned of the September 11th attacks two hours after it happened, when I checked email and AOL had it on the front page.  It was a Tuesday, so I went to Unity of Melbourne for the noon prayer service.  I purposely did not watch any news reports of it and to this day have seen very little of it.  The next day, September 12th was spent in and out of Unity of Melbourne in their 24 hour World Day of Prayer vigil.  I thought it fitting that the Unity churches nationwide had already scheduled the prayer vigil, and it fell on the day after the attacks.  Perfect timing.  I was writing my October 2001 editorial for Horizons Magazine two days after the September 11th World Trade Center event.  The cover of the September 2001 Horizons Magazine was Rob Shouten’s The First Noble Truth.  The First Noble Truth is that life is suffering. To live, you must suffer. It is impossible to live without experiencing some kind of suffering. We have to endure physical suffering like sickness, injury, tiredness, old age and eventually death and we have to endure psychological suffering like loneliness, frustrations, fear, embarrassment, disappointment, anger, etc. Continue reading

The importance of babies crawling or adults swinging arms when walking

crosscrawl1Feeling off balance, thinking fuzzy, uncoordinated upon rising?  You likely have an energy crossover problem. Our bodies are like self winding clocks.  Our natural movements of babies crawling, or us walking and swinging our arms is more than just exercise.  The motions help synchronize both hemispheres of the brain so we have more brainpower.  This is how the Universe designed it.  When babies don’t get to crawl, when they are instead in baby walkers most of the time, they don’t get this motion.  This can delay development.  If, while we go for our daily walk, we carry a shoulder bag, or hold a phone or iPod in one hand, anything instead of swinging both arms naturally as we walk, we don’t get the motion.  We need this motion for optimum brain hemisphere synchronization and if we don’t get it naturally, there is a short and easy exercise we can do on our own that doesn’t cost a thing.  It’s called –> The Cross Crawl in Energy Medicine.

The left hemisphere of your brain sends information to the right side of your body and the right hemisphere sends info to the left side. If energy from the left or right is not adequately crossing over to the opposite side of your body, you cannot utilize your brain’s full capacity or your body’s full intelligence. Donna Eden in Energy MedicineContinue reading

Is the denial of so many lightworkers prolonging the distress on our planet?

I made a Facebook post about winning a bet from my cousin that mortgage rates would fall again in September. It was a spidey sense flash I had when I was at the closing on my mortgage refinance in July.  My friend and long time colleague Ron Van Dyke commented:  When people really get it, there will be amazement. Commercial mortgages, and ALL foreclosures derived therefrom, are lawfully considered fraud. Banks and lending institutions not only don’t sign them, which means they are not valid contracts, they also sell them as collateralized debt instruments or other fancy names, to unscrupulous investors… many times over in most cases. The debt is, therefore, lawfully discharged; and the bank no longer holds the paper and no longer has standing to foreclose. Only our ignorance and compliance allow this to continue. As the Andromedans once channeled, We don’t understand why you have to pay to live on the planet you were born on. I do. Because some people recognized that they could live well off the ignorance of others. There’s so many things I learned because of my lawsuit. I wish people had more of a hunger to learn the truth.

Andrea responded: We have many freedoms but we must be prepared for consequences from those in authority over us who have limited vision and don’t play fair. If the govt and mortgage companies and everyone else is playing a game, I don’t mind playing along. After all, it is really my own consciousness that frees me or impedes me. I don’t mind paying a fake mortgage. I seem to be able to handle whatever the Universe throws at me. And more so the less I push against anything anyone else is doing. Continue reading

My brother’s cockatiel and quaker parrot update

My brother has a cockatiel named Nicole that he’s had for years.  A month ago he retired from his job at Honeywell Aerospace and bought a quaker parrot.  Here’s an email update on Nick and Nicole.  Jerry writes: My new bird Nick is totally spoiled now.  I open his cage every morning then sit down in my recliner.  He gets out and stretches a bit, then it’s down in the floor, waddling toward me.  He tries to climb my leg to get to me, but his toe nails aren’t sharp enough to grip the fabric of my pants.  So he sits and watches me until I put my hand down so he can get it.  Then it’s wrestle my fingers time.  He likes for me to tease him so he can fake biting me.  He doesn’t clamp down but likes to nibble.  He loves to be petted like a dog, and scratched behind his ears.

Continue reading

Cancelling a class because a minimum of 3 didn’t show up tells the Universe you aren’t serious about your work

To everyone who’s been waiting for someone to drop a wad of cash in their lap so they can quit their job and have time to do “the real work” they want to do – you know, that “spiritual work” that will help out humanity and all?  Well, as you can see, waiting for someone to do that is not how it works.  How it works is that you are so passionate about doing your work that you make time to do it in between getting the kids off to school, doing the housework, going to one or two jobs, and caring for your family at night.  As you do that, the Universe sees you’re serious about it and they begin sending you people and circumstances that make your way easier.  Until then, you’ll just get one person after another offering to help (for a fee) and offering to promote (for a fee) and not really being into it other than wanting to make money off you.  Ah, you’ve already witnessed that, huh?  And “friends” can be the worst offenders, meaning well, but knowing less about it and being less able that you are to do it. Continue reading

Seeking pagan calendar writer for 2011

Roger Coleman, principal minister of  the Church of Iron Oak, longtime friend and author of the monthly Solar and Lunar Celebrations of the New Age in Horizons Magazine, has his hands full with more pressing projects and he’s scheduled the October 2010 column to be his last.  Second only to the horoscopes by Barbara Lee, Roger’s calendar was a monthly favorite and he will be missed.  I will continue having a monthly calendar of  pagan holidays celebrated by different cultures around the world.  The word count is under 500 words, which is mostly the date and one line or two lines about each.  I know.  Low word count.  The challenge is always to capture the reader’s attention in a fabulously interesting one or two lines, isn’t it?  Please email your samples to me at  I would have to have 3 months ahead at a time.  You have a 50 word bio to tell who you are and where you can be contacted.  For style, please see Roger’s column on page 24 of the current Horizons Magazine.

What kind of posts do you like to read on Facebook?

I spent some time this weekend whittling down my Facebook friends list.  I removed a lot of business names and names of people who had their occupation listed as part of their name.  I appreciate hearing about what people do for a living, but I don’t care to be solicited.  What interests me most about other people is what they spend their day to day time doing, what things interest them and what they find enjoyable and life enhancing.  I skip over the ones who post political news items or event announcements and I look for the ones where someone reveals some personal something about their life and comments on how it makes them think or feel.  Even if it’s an inspirational quote, don’t just post the quote, post why is means something to you. That’s what I look for on Facebook. Continue reading

The phases of the moon drive hurricane behavior

Lunar Cycle Turns Hurricanes Into Beasts by Michael Reilly, Discovery News — Werewolves aren’t the only terrors that follow the lunar cycle; hurricanes strengthen more often under a new moon than at any other time, according to a new study.  The moon’s spooky influence on Earth and its denizens is legendary, and rightly so. From fertility to suicide, most phenomena attributed to Luna are almost exclusively superstition.  But Peter Yaukey of the University of New Orleans has found what he thinks is real evidence that the phases of moon drive hurricane behavior. Storms that occurred in the Atlantic Ocean between 1950 and 2007 were more likely to form right after the new moon. They also intensified 49 percent more often after a new moon than at any other time in the 29.5-day lunar cycle. Continue reading