Cancelling a class because a minimum of 3 didn’t show up tells the Universe you aren’t serious about your work

To everyone who’s been waiting for someone to drop a wad of cash in their lap so they can quit their job and have time to do “the real work” they want to do – you know, that “spiritual work” that will help out humanity and all?  Well, as you can see, waiting for someone to do that is not how it works.  How it works is that you are so passionate about doing your work that you make time to do it in between getting the kids off to school, doing the housework, going to one or two jobs, and caring for your family at night.  As you do that, the Universe sees you’re serious about it and they begin sending you people and circumstances that make your way easier.  Until then, you’ll just get one person after another offering to help (for a fee) and offering to promote (for a fee) and not really being into it other than wanting to make money off you.  Ah, you’ve already witnessed that, huh?  And “friends” can be the worst offenders, meaning well, but knowing less about it and being less able that you are to do it.

And also, forget about scheduling classes and workshops if you’re just going to cancel if a minimum of __ people don’t show up.  The signal that sends to the Universe is that makes it more about the money than the work.  If you schedule a class or workshop and only one person shows up, accept that’s all you were able to attract and give them the entire teaching as if it were a room full.  They are your multitude.  The signal that sends to the Universe is you’re committed to the work, and they’ll send you more next time.

It’s not about “wanting to do spiritual work” and waiting until the Universe clears the way to make time and money for that to leisurely happen.  It’s about “doing spiritual work” person by person, friend by friend, in whatever spare moments you create for yourself, and letting the momentum build on the force of your commitment to the work.

Years ago when I did classes and workshops, sometimes there were only the 3 people there that I brought for moral support, and one other.  That was evidence of what I was attracting in the moment.  If I gave the class full out as if it were a roomful, that went a long way in assuring the next class would be full.  If I cancelled the class, denying the one person that showed up, how could I expect that next time would be any different?

So don’t wait for a promoter, for an assistant, for a manager, don’t wait for anything if you’re serious about the work.  Just begin doing the work.  Even if you just have 5 minutes a day and say something to someone standing in line at the grocery, that can be enough good work for the day and you’ll be paid for it later, down the road, in ways you never expected.

So which is it for you?  Wait to do the work and talk about doing the work and ask for help doing the work and have meetings about the work and create a buzz about the work – or just do the work?

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