Is the denial of so many lightworkers prolonging the distress on our planet?

I made a Facebook post about winning a bet from my cousin that mortgage rates would fall again in September. It was a spidey sense flash I had when I was at the closing on my mortgage refinance in July.  My friend and long time colleague Ron Van Dyke commented:  When people really get it, there will be amazement. Commercial mortgages, and ALL foreclosures derived therefrom, are lawfully considered fraud. Banks and lending institutions not only don’t sign them, which means they are not valid contracts, they also sell them as collateralized debt instruments or other fancy names, to unscrupulous investors… many times over in most cases. The debt is, therefore, lawfully discharged; and the bank no longer holds the paper and no longer has standing to foreclose. Only our ignorance and compliance allow this to continue. As the Andromedans once channeled, We don’t understand why you have to pay to live on the planet you were born on. I do. Because some people recognized that they could live well off the ignorance of others. There’s so many things I learned because of my lawsuit. I wish people had more of a hunger to learn the truth.

Andrea responded: We have many freedoms but we must be prepared for consequences from those in authority over us who have limited vision and don’t play fair. If the govt and mortgage companies and everyone else is playing a game, I don’t mind playing along. After all, it is really my own consciousness that frees me or impedes me. I don’t mind paying a fake mortgage. I seem to be able to handle whatever the Universe throws at me. And more so the less I push against anything anyone else is doing.

Ron Van Dyke: It may not matter to you, Andrea, but I know several people who are losing their homes, along with millions of others, because of fraud by banks and the government. It’s not about pushing against anything. It is about knowing the truth and… standing in one’s power. If I had your mindset, the lawyers and the court would have taken the home Dr. Mary wanted me to have, which has been the Mary Horgan Center for Spiritual Development, holding weekly meetings for over five years now. Hopefully, it will continue to be a light in the community. To me, and I know we all have different roles to play, it is the denial of so many lightworkers that prolongs the distress on our planet… people who refuse to look at what is all around them because they want to be positive. That’s the most negative thing a person can do, IMO. So many suffer because good people do nothing!

Andrea de Michaelis:  Ron, I agree there is alot of denial among lightworkers, denying they have the power to change their physical circumstances simply by focusing on the more hopeful and positive things in their experience. We focus on the travesties going on around us and well, we’ll attract stuff we don’t want. Period. I know what you’re saying Ron, and until you realize how it works, it will be frustrating.

What prolongs the distress on the planet is everyone who thinks they are at the mercy of the govt, the court system, or any fill-in-the-blanks. I believe I’m at the mercy of God, who wants for me what I want for me. And S/He/It/They unfailingly send me more crap to worry about if I start looking at everything that’s wrong with the world. So I just stopped looking at it.

It’s like looking at your child sick with a flu for the first time, totally miserable, yet you know it will pass and you see the whole, well child within the sick one and you focus on making it be an easier time for him. I believe if I just try to make the most of everything, see the good in everything, the rough times will soon pass and become better times. And that is how it has always worked for me and for everyone I know who does the same thing.
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And as far as mortgages, I assumed when I sat down at my closing and agreed in writing to pay a certain amount for a certain period of time under certain terms, that I was binding myself to do so.  Why would I then later claim that since the other party didn’t sign, the contract was invalid?  Karmically, I bought the home under the terms of the mortgage, obligating myself to pay.  Period.  God doesn’t care who else didn’t sign.  What was your intent as you signed?

The real crux of this discussion, however, is that Ron and I have different understandings of the law of attraction.  He thinks it is denial to focus only on “the positive” and not acknowledge the real world – things like war and poverty and distress and oppression. I don’t fault him for thinking that way.

It took me some time, too, before I accepted the idea that I did not have to know what was in the daily news, what was going wrong in the world with anyone. I could just look for what was good in anything or anyone that was right in front of my face.  I could focus my thoughts on where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, and my inner guidance would lead me in that direction.

Of course, every step of the way I have a choice what to think about what I am doing.  If I am hopeful and anticipate a favorable outcome, I’ll be led down one path.  If I’m doubtful and spending as much time listening to complainers as I am thinking fearful thoughts, I’ll be led down another path.

And this happens over and over again with every step I take and every thought I have.  Do I curve this way, or do I turn that way?  Do I listen to the news and the criticism of the haters?  Do I believe when they say the country is going to hell in a handbasket?  Do I keep looking for evidence of that everywhere I look, and talk with everyone I know about it?  Is it posted all over my Facebook wall?

Or do I, as Abraham- Hicks suggests, simply have expectation and belief that God/the Universe will put leaders in place who are focused on making things better and who are responsive to the desires of those they serve.  Do I have faith that to the extent I relax my resistance and looks for things to like and reach for thoughts that feel better, to that extent I’ll be led down a gentler path, an easier road?

I can’t change Ron’s mind for him, though in lifetimes past I’ve tried (smile).   I can just know what I know, and I can write about it, and I can talk about it, and whoever is attracting that information will come across it.  Kind of like you, right now, right here.  Neat how that works, huh?

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