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Let’s Help Joan Brooks Out, It Just Takes a Minute

Andrea and Joan Brooks Oddz and Endz Outlet

Andrea with Joan Brooks of Oddz and Endz Outlet

One thing I love about our Facebook family is that we can help each other out when we need it, and there are enough of us that it needn’t be a hardship on anyone.  Joan Brooks owns the Oddz and Endz Outlet in Melbourne, FL, a cool and funky thrift and gift shop.  She’s been broken into twice in the last 10 days.  She’s now in a hardship situation with rent to pay – now.

If you could sign on to Paypal and send a donation in any amount to her at, she would be so grateful. You can also send a check or money order payable to either Joan Brooks or Oddz and Endz Outlet and mail to 2624 Aurora Rd unit #A, Melbourne, FL 32935.

GOD HAS NO HANDS BUT OURS.  Thank you so much for helping, it will come back to you manyfold.

Being prepared, running out of gas, using law of attraction to manifest 3 little wild boars

Yesterday I drove to Ocala and Cassadaga, and I took my buddy Tod McNeal along with me.  We’re both big nature lovers so we entertained ourselves by pointing out flora and fauna along the way.  We also got to see how far my Toyota Prius would go after the last fuel indicator bar began flashing.  I figured that was my warning signal. I usually get gas at about 2 bars, but I turned west instead of east on Highway 40 and figured I’d catch the Chevron at Lake George Ranger at 170th, several miles down the road. Halfway there, the final bar began flashing. I’d gone 400 miles and that was as far as I’d gone without filling up since I’d had the car. The Prius holds 11.9 gallons of gas. I didn’t know how much I had left. We figured we’d find out soon enough. Continue reading

Question: Why Do I Obsess Over Things So Much? Answer: You Just Need to Replace Your Thoughts

obsessMy friend Domino wrote me last night: Why do I obsess over things so much!?  My fiancee’s ex-girlfriend especially! I know it could be insecurities, but I don’t feel insecure. Ugh. I can’t get over it.. I’m so analytical. It’s aggravating.

I replied: You obsess over it simply because when the thought comes, instead of thinking another thought to distract you, you run the old tape thru your head until it begins the downward spiral of thoughts for you.  If she’s still in his life, ya gotta look at her like she’s your sister or his, and not “his ex”.  Right now he doesn’t still have an attraction to her, but if he senses you not liking her, he will start to feel defensive for her and have feelings to help and defend her. You can help prevent that. Continue reading

My Automatic Emotional Reactions Show Me What I Really Believe

I received a submission for an article and had an interesting reaction from an author’s publicist.  The article was very short, and read:  The Power of Reflexology to Transform Your Life (272 Words)  In these stressful and uncertain times, isn’t it comforting to know that there is a centuries-old practice that can be profoundly calming and therapeutic?   Congratulations! You’ve just discovered Reflexology.  You’ve probably heard about it, but may not be exactly sure what it entails. Reflexology, is “an art and a science that is based on the principle that there are reflex points and areas in the feet that correspond to every organ, gland and part of the body,” according to ______ (the author of this article) , an internationally-renowned practitioner of Reflexology.  There are nearly 15,000 nerves in the feet that innervate and soothe nerves throughout the body. Stimulating key pressure points on the feet strengthens the nervous system, immune system and circulatory system as well as the other systems in the body. There are also reflex points and areas on the ears and hands which, by skillful stimulation with hand, finger and thumb techniques, facilitate the body systems to greater balance.  Reflexology is known to reduce physical and emotional stress, relieve pain, aid in overcoming addictions, and increase energy and focus. Evidence has shown Reflexology to cleanse toxins, assist with weight management, promote creativity, enhance fertility, improve circulation as well as providing an overall sense of well being.   Reflexology – an ancient healing art available right now when we need it most. (end of article)

Andrea responded: K, hello and thanks for writing.  We’re unable to use your article at this time.  Bless you for the work you do.  (signed) Andrea Continue reading

Stepping Out of the Frantic, Urgent Mode

Yesterday they delivered the April Horizons Magazine and we spent the day getting it into the mail and to the drivers.  Subscribers: look for it by Friday. Stores: you’ll have it earlier. Each month I am surprised by how quickly the time flies in between one issue of the magazine and the next.  My free time doesn’t begin the day the magazine goes to the printer, it begins a week later after the magazine has been delivered and all distributors have checked in.  Then I get to sleep in and spend a few days running errands and attending to the rest of my life until I need to glue myself to the computer once again 10 days later.  It’s a schedule that works well for me, however I have a tendency to try to hurry up and work as much as I can so that I can take lots of time off later.  Later of course, that never comes. Continue reading

My Day at Jiffy Lube and Tire Kingdom

Since I stay busy with work and always have a bunch of big and little things to do, I’ve learned some tips and tricks that keep me motivated and not getting overwhelmed by it all.  When I have to do maintenance type chores, like getting my oil changed, I put it on my To Do List so I can see it each day until I can stir up the entusiasm to jump up and get it done.  I’ve had “change oil” on the list for 2 months, and yesterday morning I woke up wanting to go right to Jiffy Lube.  I didn’t even step into the office first, I just jumped out of bed and left. That was my signal that I was in the perfect vibrational place to have a quick and easy experience.  Continue reading

Procrastinators, Cut The Sh*t and Do The Thing

I woke up yesterday morning knowing it was time to call the stores I mail the magazine to, confirm their address and confirm they are getting as many magazines as they want. Each month, I mail to 100+ stores that are in areas I have no drivers, where postage is cheaper than mileage. That means a lot of phone calls to keep up with it.  I usually have a dozen calls a day waiting to be returned, I’m on the phone all day long and then I do my phone sessions at night. So I’m not always in the mood for a bunch of extra calls.  I posted on Facebook: Who that I really know wants to make about 120 calls for me? Not sales calls, just checking mailing address calls. You’ll play phone tag with about 80 of them. You’ll need lots of minutes if it’s a cell phone. I’ll pay you for the calls. Continue reading

I replaced my kitchen faucet set!

plumber under sinkI went to Lowe’s and bought a kitchen faucet set and called the plumber to install it. Now when I turn the water on, it is shooting out all over. Well at least it’s on a day I am doing heavy cooking and need it to not do that. Ya gotta laff.  I’ve got 2 pitchers of water from the bathtub sitting on the kitchen counter to use as I cook, so I don’t have to use the faucets to clean up. I feel like in pioneer times. Except for the house and electric stove and indoor plumbing and stuff.
OKAY  Sunday 1:19pm   I just finished preparing the kitchen for the arrival of the plumber to replace the faucet and handles. Service dudes love me. I clear their working space and give them lots of light. That also makes the photo shoot go easier. Having running water in the kitchen is awesome. Not having it for 2 days taught me I can eat right out of the saucepan and that’s ok. In fact, I’m doing it right now 🙂

The Power of a Sisterhood Circle

I sat with some friends Sunday morning to welcome a new sacred space one of them had created in her side yard.  Almost hidden beneath a huge and tangled Brazilian pepper tree, she’s created a magical faeryland with a tent as her writing and meditation room.  I haven’t asked everyone permission, so I am not naming names, but it’s not the names that matter. What matters is that we’re a group that has come together in synchronistic fashion and as we all sat together, some of us for the first time in person, we all felt the bond of our sisterhood.  Aged 28 to 58, we sat in a circle and honored the intention of the dedication of this sacred space.  Continue reading