Procrastinators, Cut The Sh*t and Do The Thing

I woke up yesterday morning knowing it was time to call the stores I mail the magazine to, confirm their address and confirm they are getting as many magazines as they want. Each month, I mail to 100+ stores that are in areas I have no drivers, where postage is cheaper than mileage. That means a lot of phone calls to keep up with it.  I usually have a dozen calls a day waiting to be returned, I’m on the phone all day long and then I do my phone sessions at night. So I’m not always in the mood for a bunch of extra calls.  I posted on Facebook: Who that I really know wants to make about 120 calls for me? Not sales calls, just checking mailing address calls. You’ll play phone tag with about 80 of them. You’ll need lots of minutes if it’s a cell phone. I’ll pay you for the calls.

I began to go on to other work, then I thought of this person or that who might could help; I began making a list of who I might call, and looking up phone numbers and leaving voice mail – then I realized I was doing it again.  I have a tendency to spend as much time trying to avoid a task, as it takes to do the task.  Something I only recognize in retrospect.  So when I catch myself doing it again, I remind myself to just cut the sh*t and do the thing.

That’s a great phrase Shakti Gawain got from Marc Allen in the 70’s.  It says it all: Cut the sh*t and do the thing.  When I can catch and remind myself, it saves me hours of time.

I sat down and tackled my list.  Five and a half hours later, I’d made the calls and only got voice mail four times. Historically, I’d have dawdled and wondered for a few weeks who might be best to do the job.  When I cut the sh*t (whatever it is) and do the thing (whatever it is), it’s done and gone.

On to the fun stuff.

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