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Welcome, Spring

finished the April issue of Horizons Magazine yesterday and headed outside to do some hand watering for a few hours.  I can see the turk’s cap and arbicola are coming back, and the mulberry tree is loaded with new leaves and small berries.  I have 3 loquat trees all getting fruit at the same time, and the live oaks have all dropped their dead leaves as the new ones have come on.  The entire property floor is covered in fallen oak leaves and everywhere I walk there is a crunch, crunch.  I’m once again under a high canopy of shade, and getting a little more privacy now that the live oaks are waking back up.  I walked around with my clippers and pruned the frostburnt ends off.  I made a few dozen cuttings and stuck them in the ground for a privacy hedge by next summer.  I talked to the orchid tree, bent her branches and gave her a few taps to wake her up.  She’s shown me dozens of baby orchid blooms in the past week. Continue reading

Don’t represent yourself in Court if you don’t know the law – especially when your home is on the line

blindfoldedA friend has let a lawsuit get out of hand without legal representation and he’s about to lose his house because of it. He thinks it’s not fair, and has sent long, long letters to the Court. I told him what he sent is not a legal response. He got advice online on what to send the Court.  I read his formal response and he doesn’t cite relevant case law. I told him to go to the law library. He said finding info online is “easier”.  I told him what he finds online includes people’s opinions of what they think the law is and someone else takes it as gospel and loses in court.  PEOPLE: Don’t let that be you. Continue reading

When The Universe Interrupts Your Plans with Synchronicity

I was really busy on Tuesday, well into final layout of the April Horizons, with phones ringing like crazy, when I got a call from my friend Maria.  “Are you busy? she asked?   Hmmm four days after deadline with just 5 days to get the April mag done – am I busy?  Aaaugh! Final layout week I usually stay glued to the computer and don’t drive out unless I have to.  I schedule myself tightly and, we all know what happens when we do that.  So Maria is about a half mile from my office and needs a ride into Melbourne.  Well, that’s different.  I am always glad to help a friend. Continue reading

What’s in a name? Anagraming your name for self discovery

“Nice airhead damsel.”  “A shielded American.”  “I’m a deadline chaser.”  What do these 3 phrases have in common? They are all anagrams, or phrases made up using all the letters of my first and last name.  One recent popular anagram is the name of the movie, October Sky, which is an anagram of Rocket Boys, the title of the book the movie was based on. They anagrammed it to give more credibility and better market appeal to moviegoers.  Rearranging the letters of “Clint Eastwood” gives “Old West action,” “Madonna Louise Ciccone” gives “Occasional nude income,” and “William Shakespeare,” “I am a weakish speller.” Continue reading

Everything frost burnt is growing back!

I like the daylight saving time, because I like daylight later into the night.  Yesterday evening I was hand watering plants, and I noticed that all the arbicola that had been frost burnt back in January was all growing back.  All of it, all up along the stalk new sprouts and leaves were coming on.  I was so glad I’d not cropped them when they looked dead.  I could see they still had life force in their energy field.  Thank you Barbara Brennan and Donna Eden for teaching me to read auras so I could interpret the energy field.

The live oak trees are getting their new leaves and filling out, and the same with the mulberry tree, which now has a gazillion tiny mulberries.  The loquats didn’t lose their leaves, but now they are all filling with loquats.  The cold will have made them sweet.  The laurel oaks did not lose their leaves, the orchid tree that lost everything has new leaves. Even the grass seed put down by the city after they installed the city water pipes is growing green and tall.  It seems new growth is everywhere.

A good sign.

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Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work For Everyone

There’s an ad on Facebook lately that says Esther Hicks Secrets – Free video reveals what Esther Hicks accidentally left out of the teachings of Abraham. Readers of Esther Hick’s Books or “The Secret” are about to discover Why The Law of Attraction Does Not Work For Nearly Everyone Who Wants to Use It.  If you consider millions of people saw “The Secret” as a movie, you have to ask, why doesn’t “The Secret” work?  Even if you follow everything Esther and Jerry Hicks teach in their books, many people just aren’t able to manifest their dreams.  The reason is simple. Esther Hicks and the authors of “The Secret” left off the most critical step. On the very next page, you’ll discover what was left out – and why.  The Law of Attraction Does Not Work Unless You Add This Missing Step.  Enter Your Email Address To Discover This Step and Receive A Free Hypnotic Recording.

I clicked on the ad, knowing it would take me to a page where I would get no info other than the above until after I’d given out my email address to get signed up on someone’s never-ending spam list to discover their ‘missing step”.  I’ve learned to never sign up for anything that uses fear to sell to me, and to never give my email address out for a free gift just to access a website.  In the past I’ve purposely spelled my name wrong just to see how many lists someone new will add me to without my permission and it was dozens. Continue reading

Talking Instead of Listening: L.A. Ink, Season 5 Episode 4

Last night I watched L.A. Ink for the first time in awhile. I see Kat Von D has had some facial plastic done, as her face has that weirdly frozen above the upper lip line look.  She used to have a beautiful fluid smile.  In tonight’s episodes, Kat hires a new employee and Liz Friedman comes in with no background in the business, and with all sorts of ideas.  She opens by telling the camera that she’s smarter than most people she knows.  She sees herself as the new shop manager, when it appears she’s been hired to help out.  The first two days Liz reminds everyone that she comes from a corporate background, that she’s used to running the show.  She’s a wise ass, she’s sarcastic and her humor revolves around cutting people down.  Continue reading

Talking about it: My Kimberly-Clark Poise Pad Experiment

A friend on Facebook posted a link to Whoopie Goldberg’s LBL video about Great Women in History It’s a cute and funny presentation about LBL, light bladder leakage.  She posted it the week I had my giant coughing going on, so I could totally relate.  I reposted the video and wrote: “A good post from a friend. And yes kegels exercises work if you work them. If your winter coughing makes you nervous in public, protect yourself.”  Then I decided I’d try an experiment. Continue reading

Cats Use Special Purr to Manipulate Humans

Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News, wrote on  July 13, 2009 — Cat owners who think their cats control them now have some scientific confirmation: Animal vocalization experts have just identified a special manipulative purr that felines have evolved, in part, to get what they want from people.  The newly identified vocalization, called “solicitation purring,” has never been acknowledged or studied before, although cat fanciers, such as the study’s lead author Karen McComb, are quite familiar with it.  “In the case of my cat, if he sees you stirring from sleep at all in the early morning he will immediately switch into giving this solicitation purring and position himself next to your head so you get the full impact,” McComb, a reader in Behavioral Ecology at the University of Sussex, told Discovery News. Continue reading

Stock Market Psychic Sean David Morton Charged With Duping Investors

At Stock Market ‘Psychic’ Charged With Duping Investors, David Solin writes: “You have to give Sean David Morton, the head of Delphi Associates Investment Group, high marks for self-promotion. According to a complaint filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York (Securities and Exchange Commission v. Sean David Morton, et. al.), Morton solicited investors by falsely claiming he had “… called ALL the highs and lows of the market giving EXACT DATES for rises and crashes over the last 14 years.” He issued a monthly newsletter, had a nationally syndicated radio show, and made appearances at public events, touting his psychic abilities.  He dedicated one issue of his newsletter to his stepfather, who he claimed “… raised me to know what is right and I would not be the person I am without him.” The SEC complaint raises serious questions about exactly what kind of person he is.  According to George S. Canellos, director of the SEC’s New York Regional Office, “Morton’s self-proclaimed psychic powers were nothing more than a scam to attract investors and steal their money.” Continue reading