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High Praise

I just sent out my monthly email telling that the August magazine was now online and I got this email back: I saw something I wanted to pass along to you. It’s from your piece in the August Horizons Magazine:   “When you meet someone you click with – and this is in any area of life, not just intimate relationships – you come alive. You feel inspired. The thoughts and ideas and creativity begin to flow.” That’s what happened when I met you Andrea. Something clicked and I became alive and open to a whole new way of thinking.  Thanks Andrea.  Signed  M.E.

Wow! This is what I live for!

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Natural Male Enhancement

Take it from Bob

Take it from Smiling Bob

The other night I watched a movie on cable that began at 2:00am.  That meant I also got to watch all the male enhancement medication commercials about Smiling Bob.  Smiling Bob, whose golf stroke is the longest.  Smiling Bob, whose wife is shown smiling while holding a hugely phallic glass of iced tea.  Smiling Bob, in Santa hat, with a long line of ladies just squirming and giggling to get onto his lap. He’s always shown with like a long, hard golf club or a long, hard baseball bat or a long, hard, well… you get it.   And this commercial runs over and over and over all night long on a lot of channels.  That commercial and the one of the guys losing their hair and, oh, the belly fat fighters.  God forbid someone lose a little hair or gets a little paunch or goes through a slow libido cycle.  To hear these commercials, you’d think there was a raging problem in the male population.  In fact, I’m sure that wherever you find a segment of the male population that watches these commercials all night long, every night, you’ll find all sorts of the exact “problems” they mention.  Imagine that. Continue reading

Consumer Rip Offs – Don’t Let Them Get Away With It

No this is not a paid ad, I just like people to be informed.  I’ve gotten several calls from The March Group, who I take to be a business broker, wanting to sell my business for me.  They invite me to come to a day long seminar where they will help me determine the value of my business, because they have many people interested in acquiring businesses such as mine, and it is very much in demand. Which is fine except I’m not interested in selling.  Plus, these free regional magazines are not money makers by any means.  Not at these prices.  Selling franchises and selling magazines is what makes money.  I found when Goggling The March Group that they routinely flood the search engines with their spin, so that was my second red flag*.   So I posted on Facebook to ask if anyone had experience with them.  I found this online. One friend wrote to check at the website Ripoff Report: By Consumers, For Consumers. Continue reading

Mulholland Drive, David Lynch and Transcendental Meditation

David Lynch

Conscious David Lynch

I just saw the movie Mulholland Drive. It was on in the middle of the night and I’d never seen it before. I’d remembered that there was either a good director or stars I liked in it, so I decided to watch. I missed the first 20 minutes and I did not know it was a David Lynch film, but another 20 minutes in to it, I figured that out.  I was going to Google it and see what I’d missed, but I wanted to stay in the mystery and enjoy the unfolding so I didn’t.  I did however, Google “David Lynch” “Mulholland Drive” just to see if I was right, and saw: “Written and directed by David Lynch. After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesic…”  and I also saw “Along Mulholland Drive nothing is what it seems.”  I figured if it was a David Lynch film, those two lines gave me as much background as I needed. Continue reading

Keep Telling That Story, You’ll Keep Living That Life: Program Your Inner Dialogue To Propel You Forward

I listened to the latest Abraham-Hicks cd on my drive to Ocala Monday.  As usual, there was a lot of helpful information and reminders.  One favorite line was The only way unhappy people can stay in your life is if you focus on their unhappiness. I thought how true that was.  We all have friends that go through rough times now and again and then there are those that have one string of problems after another.  Despite being adults, they just can’t seem to get their sh*t together, and they want to tell you all about it on a regular basis.  You know, of course, that listening to them tell their story over and over again is not doing either of you any good. But they don’t know that.  All they know is they think they feel better when they drag someone else into their chain of pain to commiserate with.  “But I’m just letting you know,” they will say, or “I’m just telling you the facts.” They really don’t get it that whether their story is true or not, telling it over and over is not helping them. Continue reading

I Pray For My Advertisers and Clients Twice A Day As Part Of My Spiritual Practice; My Altar and Healing Bench Techniques

 Meditation area

Meditation area

With the most recent Horizons Magazine having gone to the printer, I go into my next stage of the process: bookkeeping and billing.  I like every part of my job to be fun and meaningful, and the mundane jobs are no different.  in fact, I know that no job is mundane unless I make it so.  I don’t like to just send out a boring black and white bill with meter stamped postage.  If my mission in life is to lighten things up, I think: what kind of invoice might be fun to open? So I selected as a mascot for the bills, a small fairy on a flower.  I print them in color.   I always enclose a self addressed return envelope, then those envelopes go on the altar before they go into the mail.  When I pick up my mail from the post office, the envelopes go onto the altar before they come in to the office.  Blessings for everyone. Continue reading

What We Say, What We Mean

Calvin says: “Here comes that new girl. Hey, Susie Derkins, is that your face or is a possum stuck in your collar? I hope you suffer a debilitating brain aneurism, you freak!” Hobbes knows he means “She *cute*, isn’t she?” And we can all relate to the memorable balcony scene in Annie Hall with Diane Keaton and Woody Allen’s real thoughts seen in thought-bubble subtitles at the bottom of the screen as they carry on absurd, small-talk about photography:

Alvy: So, did you do those photographs in there, or what?
Annie: Yeah, yeah, I sort of dabble around, you know. (Subtitle: I dabble? Listen to me – what a jerk.)
Alvy: They’re wonderful. They have a quality…     (Subtitle: You are a great – looking girl.)
Annie: Well, I would like to take a serious photography course. (Subtitle: He probably thinks I’m a yo-yo.)
Alvy: (pretentiously) Photography’s interesting because, you know, it’s a new form, and a set of aesthetic criteria have not emerged yet.    (Subtitle: I wonder what she looks like naked.)
Annie : You mean whether it’s a good photo or not? (Subtitle: I’m not smart enough for him.) Continue reading

Natural Sleep Aids. Sometimes We Need To Go Unconscious.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I didn’t go into the office all day.  That rarely happens.  I took the August Horizons Magazine to Speedy Pac and visited with Gerald and Janet Finnegan for awhile.  Then I went to the farmer’s market and got some klondike potatoes, plum tomatoes, broccoli and mushrooms.  I came home and made my vegetarian version of Sweet Tomatoes broccoli bacon raisin salad and put it in the refrigerator to blend for a few hours.  I was excited that my avocado was ripe, however it was a day too ripe so I made guacamole with it.  Earlier I’d been outside pruning my eleagnus bushes and now was sniffling, so I took a Benadryl.  I mostly took the Benadryl not to stop the sniffles, but because I knew it would knock me out for a few hours.  And boy did it. Continue reading

The Antidote for Boredom and Feeling Trapped; Spiritual Practice

Help them change where you can, but love them as they are.  That was an insight at Alan Cohen‘s webpage.  The first book of his I ever read was The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, in which he writes of his initial interests, his yearning for a connection with the Divine and how he sought out various books and teachers to guide him in his spiritual quest.   I’ve seen Alan speak several times through the years, and always find what he has to say simple, relevant and often profound.    In one instance, he suggested to the audience writing down all your troubles and then holding them in your hands as you pray, “God, let me be wrong about all of this.” What a powerful prayer! He also affirms, “I’m always doing better than I think I am!” That is an affirmation many of us could benefit from.
Continue reading

If a Friend Asks For $$ In Facebook, Ask A Personal Question

A GUEST POST BY CHRISTINA BIEBER: Yesterday a friend of mine contacted me on the Facebook Chat. She was asking for money to be wired to her in England. The story was that all of her things were stolen while on vacation in England. The tone of the message was scared, but it didn’t sound like her. At first I found it really odd, but the fear that came through on the message really scared me. I called her cell 3x with no answer and her husband’s phone without answer.   I then asked her a personal question that she would only know. What flavor shakes does she like from USANA. She is very specific on this. The person on the other end could not answer. They asked I wire money to an address in England and I asked the question again. Continue reading