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Take it from Bob

Take it from Smiling Bob

The other night I watched a movie on cable that began at 2:00am.  That meant I also got to watch all the male enhancement medication commercials about Smiling Bob.  Smiling Bob, whose golf stroke is the longest.  Smiling Bob, whose wife is shown smiling while holding a hugely phallic glass of iced tea.  Smiling Bob, in Santa hat, with a long line of ladies just squirming and giggling to get onto his lap. He’s always shown with like a long, hard golf club or a long, hard baseball bat or a long, hard, well… you get it.   And this commercial runs over and over and over all night long on a lot of channels.  That commercial and the one of the guys losing their hair and, oh, the belly fat fighters.  God forbid someone lose a little hair or gets a little paunch or goes through a slow libido cycle.  To hear these commercials, you’d think there was a raging problem in the male population.  In fact, I’m sure that wherever you find a segment of the male population that watches these commercials all night long, every night, you’ll find all sorts of the exact “problems” they mention.  Imagine that.

These commercials are simply self hypnosis giving subliminal messages to your man as he falls asleep on the couch.  Do both of you a favor and make sure the messages you are giving him on the same topics are encouraging and hopeful because they are certainly as effective as the tv commercials are.

And since when did personal preferences become absolute guidelines anyway?  Like the current craze for manscaping – men shaving their body hair.  Ugh.  Lots of chicks like their men furry.  Not many women mind a man who is losing his hair.  Very few women I know like the metrosexual type of man, the type real obsessed with personal grooming.  But the tv has men thinking that is what women want.

As for virility, that’s purely situational and likely 90% psychological.  So don’t be taking Viagra to perform for your wife who you let have 6 kids in four years and are no longer attracted to since she doesn’t look like Barbie anymore.  You don’t need a pill.  You need to take a look inside yourself and get a grip on your goals and priorities and recognize the blessing in the life you’re living right now.

Love isn’t about body fat or hair loss. That’s just the car you’re riding in this time around.  Natural male enhancement isn’t about erections.  It’s about being a nice person, showing concern for the welfare of those around you, wanting to somehow make the world a better place. Natural male enhancement means you’re nice to your mother and you make time for your children.  It means you honor whoever you share space with.

So if you are all worried about being less manly because of less hair, less libido as years go on, I guarantee that if you just work on being a good person, helping people out, brightening the world where you are, all that other stuff will work itself out just fine.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

And from what I hear, Smiling Bob isn’t smiling anymore anyway.


In case the FTC is wondering, I am not endorsing anyone.

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