If a Friend Asks For $$ In Facebook, Ask A Personal Question

A GUEST POST BY CHRISTINA BIEBER: Yesterday a friend of mine contacted me on the Facebook Chat. She was asking for money to be wired to her in England. The story was that all of her things were stolen while on vacation in England. The tone of the message was scared, but it didn’t sound like her. At first I found it really odd, but the fear that came through on the message really scared me. I called her cell 3x with no answer and her husband’s phone without answer.   I then asked her a personal question that she would only know. What flavor shakes does she like from USANA. She is very specific on this. The person on the other end could not answer. They asked I wire money to an address in England and I asked the question again.
Please if you are ever in a situation like this and someone has a request like this or something that is a possibility but you aren’t sure ask them a personal question.  Fortunately I did get in touch with her. These people pirated her account, blocked incoming wall messages and posts and had control over her facebook emails.  The other thing is to be very careful with your information on Facebook, no phone numbers, addresses, etc. She said this has been a nightmare. Another thing is to make sure that your passwords are mixed numbers and letters. Don’t use anniversaries, bday, phone number, etc.  Sincerely,
Christina Bieber

In case the FTC is wondering, I am not endorsing anyone.

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