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Tub bath vs. shower water experiment

After installing my new water heater yesterday, I did an experiment today when I showered, and put the plug in the drain so the tub would fill as I showered. I knew a shower used less water than a tub, but I wanted to know how much less. When I was growing up, from about age 10 on, we had a Fageol Twin Coach bus that my dad converted into a camper, and the family would go camping each weekend. The day he first put on the water tanks, he had each of us go out and take a shower to see how much water we used. We were told to get wet, turn the water off, soap up, and then turn the water back on to rinse off. The next day he filled the tanks and had us take showers again, this time just taking a shower like normal, water running as we washed. He found we could conserve by half if we shut the water off while soaping, then back on to rinse. Continue reading

Psychic Friends; 20 Tips on Becoming Psychic

psychic readerI was clearing old files out and found all my old log sheets from when I was an online psychic back in the 90’s.  I worked for the Psychic Friends Network from 1992 to 1996, doing calls out of my home. Remember those hokey commercials in the middle of the night, with Dionne Warwick and Linda Georgian?  I’d cringe when I’d see them! I had a separate line for the readings, and we had specific schedules to work.  I always volunteered to work midnight to 4am and holidays and those were always the busiest shifts.  They had us fill out log sheets that gave the date, time of the call, caller first name and birthday, as well as other names and birthdates mentioned in the call.  That way, if someone refused to pay saying they did not make the call, we would say “Well, the caller has a husband named Oscar born 10-15-65 and twins named Sarah and Melissa born 2-14-95.”  We only had about an inch of space, the width of the page, for notes.  Sometimes I would make notes afterward about some of calls, the ones I found interesting for later commentary.  I got my share of “who’s my baby’s daddy?” but also got many calls from people in the entertainment industry, wondering when their break would come.   Continue reading

The morphing sleep cycles of menopause. 15 things to do when you can’t sleep. Here are lots of links to natural sleep aids.

Sleep restful by pinoWhen I entered menopause at age 42, I noticed my sleeping patterns beginning to change.  Like everyone else, at first I fought it and tried all sorts of things to keep me asleep for my previous 6-8 hours at a stretch.  If you listen to the tv ads, that’s what’s “normal” and menopause was “interrupting” that natural cycle. I typically have 3-4 hours sleep in a row and then it’s feet on the floor and back to the office.   A recreational sleeper I’m not.    Then I thought, wait, menopause itself is a natural cycle and if I just go with it, instead of fighting it, let me see what my sleeping patterns morph into.  I’m lucky in that I work for myself and can make my own hours, so I began what would be a decade long experiment to find my own natural sleeping pattern.   Continue reading

Increasing your business by using creative visualization

A psychic reader friend said they had been receiving no calls despite advertising in several local papers.  I emailed: “No calls yet?  Hmm why do you think you are attracting that right now?  Are you doing creative visualization a few times a day about people calling in and being excited about your work and being appreciative of their breakthroughs and telling all their friends about you and also in your visualization writing in an appointment book, filling your calendar and PayPal account?  I am not kidding in the least.  Know that voice who says “who would want to pay me? There are too many readers to choose from, I’ll never make a living doing this”?  Do your visualization twice as long as those thoughts last.  When you do your viz often enough, that voice will subside. The moment that voice drops, your phone will begin ringing.”
My Making Up The Bank Deposit Visualization
Life Transforming Links here for Creative Visualization
Create the space for the phone to ring off the hook

Vertical blind update; lemon ginger scallion soup

Tuesday 11-25-08
Well, today all I was going to do was to transfer these entries into the blog and have Home Depot come out and measure my windows for vertical blinds.  The measuring guys said if I want blackout coverage, verticals won’t do it and that I need the cellular shades instead.  At the store, they said cellular shades let in far more light than the Bali Room Darkening verticals I was looking at, and that if I got the ones with the S-curve, that would eliminate the light coming between the slats.  I ended up spending 2 hours in Home Depot while they asked this one and that what I thought were basic questions  The bottom line?  My current window treatments probably work better for my purpose, although they are old and mismatched.

I have two sliding glass doors 72 wide by 80 high
I have one window 72 wide by 48 high
I have two windows 48 x 48

I have verticals now on one of the 72 x 80 doors.  I also have two sets of vertical blinds that galpal Denise gave me that I could use, one 72×80 including headrail, and another headrail 64″ wide.  So all I basically need is a headrail and verticals for one window 48×48 and the other 72×48.

I don’t care that I’ll lose my $50 measuring fee; it was worth $50 to delve this closely into checking out the blinds and have to basically learn about it on my own.  It was worth it to learn I can easily do this myself.  I see how my current ones are fastened to the wall and how high and with what fixtures, I’ll just do the exact same thing to the others.

If I’m going to give Home Depot a bunch of money, I’d do better getting a new water heater installed instead.  Mine works fine but I can see rust around the bottom of it and it was installed in 1984 when my Uncle Jimmy built my house for me.  I don’t always have an entire bathtub full of hot water either so I’m thinking one of my elements is on its way out.

So today I spent about 12 hours putting all the entries in this blog for from February 2008 until now.  I love having a new project that I am all psyched over, and this new blog is that for me.  I just realized I had some hot and sour soup for breakfast and nothing since then, no wonder I am tired.  Well, time for some yoga and meditation then bed.  Tomorrow night Unity of Melbourne will be having their Thanksgiving Eve service and Music for Candles featuring James Lewis Feagans on Piano and Kimmara Rosehart on Flutes, their website is  I love their music and they are a very neat couple.

Ok, time for a romaine, tomato, red onion and caper salad and some lemon ginger scallion soup.  I heat vegetable broth in a saucepan and grate in 2-3 tablespoons of fresh ginger, squeeze in half a lemon and chop a few scallions up and throw them in.  I’ve used chicken broth for this also, and once got it too lemony so I had to add a little honey and it was really good like that, too.  I did give it an extra splash of Vietnamese chili garlic sauce to counteract the sweetness of the honey.

Buying acorn squash for Thanksgiving

This morning I jumped out of bed first thing and sat and finished the editing on this blog so I could get it online.  I logged in a week’s worth of mail, made up a deposit, ran some credit cards, paid all the bills and am now heading out to the bank, post office and Karin’s Produce off Babcock and Malabar Road.  I need some acorn squash, some scallions and fresh ginger, some apples, lemons and tomatoes.  I might even go buy a large pot since I no longer have one, so I can submerge my turkey to brine it for Thanksgiving.

A few years ago I discarded all my mismatched pots and pans and have just been buying them as I need them.  Ok, I did have a large stewpot that I burned so badly that I just threw it out last year…  that’s what I get for putting a soup on then going out to garden without carrying a timer with me to remind me to check it…  But it sent me a smoke signal so I knew when to come in *grin*

Home Depot comes tomorrow to measure for the vertical blinds – yay!!!

I begin this blog; hold me up to the Light, can you see through?

I woke up two days ago thinking I should begin this blog and I could add history by editing material out of my journal.  That’s why the more current posts will be more detailed, since I will be writing them for the blog.  So much of my journal entries have to be edited out before I can post it, since when I tell MY story, I am telling the story of friends and associates as well,  So I began by renaming my journal.doc to blog.doc and removed all the juicy, private, secret stuff.  Hmmm, that cut it by half.  Then I went through and changed some of the names or initials for privacy sake.  I’ve found a good way for me to keep it real is to be as transparent as I can be.  If I am who I say I am, then I don’t have anything to hide.  But I do respect the privacy of others.

Delivering Cassadaga; HB Dennis

I got up bright and early and headed over to Cassadaga to deliver the December Horizons Magazine to them.  I stopped in first at the Purple Rose Bookstore and it was a full house there!  Next was the Camp Bookstore, which was packed, then onto the Universal Centre and the Hotel.  I didn’t take time to visit since everyone was so busy, so I left and headed toward I-4.  I typically go back the way I came, Hwy 44 east to I-95 south.  But today was Dennis Hollin’s birthday celebration and I was going to Orlando to celebrate with him.  I called on the way and he was stuck in traffic at the South Florida Fairgrounds, so I stopped to pick us up some lunch.  As I pulled onto Colonial Drive heading east and got in the left hand turn lane, I realized Dennis was right in front of me.  Synchronicity!

We set up our lunch, I had stopped at Little Saigon and got a shrimp pho, one of my favorite dishes.  I got extra fresh basil with it and chopsticks to eat it with.  Dennis opted for a chicken dish with salad.  Joanne came early and joined us and we had a good visit and then I had to leave early to get back home. It was fun, people came and went and the cake looked delicious, but I only had one pinky nail tip of icing. I was good!  Well, not really I just don’t like sweets…

Ah well, early to bed, up later to work, this is the day of my amazing good fortune.

Mailing day; the hair spray debacle

Mailing day!  My helpers were there before I was and we got everything set up and started.  Well, they got started.  I had to refigure all the paperwork after weighing the bound stacks, which weighed 7.3 lbs and not 7 lbs.  You know where this is going… the actual weight was 7.3 which of course changed all the math on all the pages, which was really fine since I’d done it in pencil anyway and needed the practice filling in the forms.  But we got it all done in record time and to the post office and all was well.  I even saved $200 because I’d put the decimal in the wrong place when figuring one of the pages.  I was so frazzled from numbers and zip codes and zones that I didn’t even catch it.

On the way home, I went to PetSmart and got a few cases of cans for the kitties, I went to Sally Beauty Supply and said hi to my friend Brie and bought some hairspray.  This morning, before I left the house I realized I was out of hairspray then remembered I had some White Rain aerosol in the laundry room since it’s so good at getting out lipstick, ball point pen, grease, etc.  I thought “hair spray is hair spray,” right?  Au contraire!  I ended up with a hard layer that not only didn’t move, I couldn’t run my fingers through it.  Flexible hold it was not.  So I told Brie my hairspray story an she turned me on to a quality product and upsold me at the register (brat!) and then I went next door to the Hair Cuttery and got my hair shampooed.  Ah, much better!

I came home, crashed for a few hours then went into the office to work awhile.  That’s my favorite time to work.  In the middle of the night, in the silence, in a darkened room, alone.  I could hear my big tubular windchimes through the window which was closed against the 45 degrees tonight.  I love that sound.  Life is good.