Grokking the post office forms

This morning I thought I’d get an early start on doing the post office paperwork for tomorrow’s mailing of the December Horizons Magazine.  I did a med lite and my morning yoga, and was at my desk by 6am.  Due to a Sept 08 new rule, I have had to change how Horizons gets mailed each month, and now it has to go via permit, sorted by zone and 3 digit zip, then sacked and taken in to the main post office downtown.  The sacks have to be labeled, the jobs separated by size, and 3 pages of paperwork filled out for each job.

So I thought I’d get a head start by having the printer tell me the weight count on one stack of magazines, then I could do all the paperwork ahead of time.  I began doing all my figuring and was surprised that getting everything done in order to make the calculations to fill in the paperwork took me over 8 hours.  I could not believe it.  I’m exhausted, but at least I have a handle on the forms now and feel familiar with them.  Oh dang, I need to run to the post office and pick up about 40 of their white mail sacks so I don’t have to do it before the mailing tomorrow.

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