Increasing your business by using creative visualization

A psychic reader friend said they had been receiving no calls despite advertising in several local papers.  I emailed: “No calls yet?  Hmm why do you think you are attracting that right now?  Are you doing creative visualization a few times a day about people calling in and being excited about your work and being appreciative of their breakthroughs and telling all their friends about you and also in your visualization writing in an appointment book, filling your calendar and PayPal account?  I am not kidding in the least.  Know that voice who says “who would want to pay me? There are too many readers to choose from, I’ll never make a living doing this”?  Do your visualization twice as long as those thoughts last.  When you do your viz often enough, that voice will subside. The moment that voice drops, your phone will begin ringing.”
My Making Up The Bank Deposit Visualization
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Create the space for the phone to ring off the hook