Getting well: a diagnosis is just a snapshot in time, so begin thinking the new thought to have the new result

I’ve got several friends and clients who are sick with colds and flus, and it happens for them each time the weather turns cold.  I’ve avoided a cold this year by increasing my vitamin intake, especially Vitamin D.  I also make it a habit to keep hand sanitizer in my car and to use it after I’ve been to the stores, the post office and to church; anywhere I’m going to touch anything someone has touched.  I’m not obsessive or paranoid about it, I just know I began having less colds when I began washing and sanitizing my hands after contact.  But now that you’ve got your cold and are right in the middle of it, here’s how to get over it and maybe rid yourself of the pattern once and for all.  First of all, stop reminding yourself that you get a cold each time it turns cold.  Having that thought repeatedly ingrained into your consciousness keeps you on the hamster wheel of having the thought then having the cold, year after year after year.  I thought the same thing until I realized what I was doing to myself.  

I learned to take 1000 mg of Vitamin C 3-4 times a day, to boost the immune system.  You should take at least 3000 mg and also go to a lab and ask for a blood test to measure your “Vitamin D, 25 hydroxy” score.  If it’s low, taking 5000 IU a day may be all you need to do to nip a cold in the bud.

50 mg of Zinc is also helpful to the immune system.

Abraham-Hicks reminds us that we’d be stunned to know all the diseases and ailments that run through our body on any given day.  If we had a blood test or MRI every hour of every day, we’d see it, but that a diagnosis is just a snapshot in time. The next moment the ailment can be out of your system, but if you continue to think about it and believe it’s there, you’ll see increasing evidence of it as you turn it into a chronic condition.

For most people, that’s what the annual cold is when the first winter chill hits: their ingrained belief coming to manifestation for them again, right on schedule.  They don’t realize they are simply continuing to re-ingrain the thought with each thinking of it.

The remedy is to ingrain a new thought and a new belief.  My new thought and new belief is that now that I know better, I can begin doing something about it. I can remember when everyone begins talking about their annual cold, that I don’t have to get one.  I read up on vitamin sufficiency and I make good nutritional choices.  I get my blood tested ($10-$50) every few months so I know what my body needs.  I stay active and get enough rest.  Then I just let my body do its own magic.  This is how you pre-pave the end of the winter cold.

In the meantime, sip hot fluids to stay hydrated, stretch and breathe deeply even if you’re confined to bed.  Take steamy showers or baths to help flush the toxins out of your system.  Eat only light soups or clear broths, so your system can focus more on healing and less on digestion.  Sleep as much as you can, lie still and rest if you can’t sleep.

Most importantly: Think good thoughts.  Remember happy times.  Pre-pave fun tomorrows.  Know that this cold (or this worry) will be over before you know it and you’ll be back to doing the things you like to do.  What are those things?  Think about them.  Pre-pave them.  Be excited about them.  That’s how you make this Now moment become your point of attraction for tomorrow’s happy times.

Everything — the good, the bad and the ugly — is just a snapshot in time, until you decide to focus on it and expand it to become a constant presence in your life. Make sure that what you focus on is exactly you want to attract more of.  Yes to thinking of more happiness, health and fun adventures.  No thank you to thinking about problems that don’t really concern me, such as world affairs I can do nothing about.

I wish I’d learned this thirty years ago.  I’d have gotten more serious about having fun.  Oops, see?  There I go again.  It doesn’t matter when I learned it, I know it Now.  And Now is all I ever have anyway.  Here’s to happy tomorrows.  We’re each in charge of what comes our way.  That’s such a relief and so empowering.  I Am — hear me roar.

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