A diagnosis is just a snapshot in time

Abraham-Hicks says “Stop looking for anything other than your mental and emotional state of being as answers to why you feel how you feel in your body. It is all Vibrational – no exception! And when you get that, then it doesn’t matter what diagnosis has been given to you—it doesn’t matter—it’s temporary.”  

If we got tested and screened to know what ailments moved in and out through our bodies every day, we would be stunned.  Most of them do not stay.  A diagnosis is just a snapshot in time.  Moments later that condition can have left us – but we think it’s still there so we continue to think it’s a problem. 

Our attention to it is what keeps it alive and animates it.  Why not instead think back and remember when every cell of your body was healthy and alive and strong.  Keep reminding yourself what that felt like.  Keep your focus and attention on how remarkable it is that the cells of your body renew themselves all the time, and that you can make sure the weaker cells are replaced by ever stronger cells, all by how you think about your body and your health.  Wow, that’s power.

A diagnosis is just a snapshot in time
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