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16 Nutrition Newbie Tips; accelerated healing of skin cancer

Lately, I’ve been treating my body better and coming to greater awareness about nutrition and how the body works. Finding that when I fast for a few days, it’s like rebooting the computer: lotsa the errors just seem to correct themselves, as long as I remember when things are going “badly,” that it’s time to reboot.  So in March 2002 I fasted a few days and when I decided to eat, I ate some homemade miso soup (easy – hot water and a tablespoon of golden barley miso, a dash of Bragg’s liquid aminos and some scallion slivers on top) for the next two days. Then I wanted pears and apples so I had 2 each the next day.  I wasn’t dieting, mind you, I was as usual eating as much as I wanted of whatever I wanted (not my brightest idea the past decade *hehe*) and was thrilled that my body wanted so little and felt so energized without much food intake. Then I began craving tofu and carrots and kale. I’ve been eating tofu 5-6 times a week since then, along with raw salads and sometimes a slice of Ezekial bread and so far my old eating habits are gone. Foods that appealed to me for years just aren’t appealing anymore. Continue reading