Andrea’s Articles 2008 thru 2011

December 2011 Support can make or break a person | The first holiday without them | What does it matter if it’s come before? Love is the River

Nov 2011 Friends are dying, “this has got to stop!” LOL Domino has had it with her freeloader boyfriend, Letting a friend in on the spidey sense

Oct 2011 How to keep the feeling alive; document your intuitive results so you remember how successful you can be at it. The truth about hair and why Indians would keep their hair long.

Sept 2011 My tenant of 9 years moves out, I get nicotine poisoning in the clean up;  readying a rental home is a sacred endeavor; purposefully creating emotion to heal.

August 2011 My daily meditation and creative visualization practice, my tenant of 9 years moves out, my dollars flow out of who I am just as the oak tree flows out of the tiny acorn.

July 2011 It doesn’t matter if it’s true, telling a whiney story doesn’t help you.  If you feel boxed in, that’s a good sign.

June 2011 Let’s do some ho’oponopono for the flooding in TN and MS, I Remember Daddy

May 2011 I Remember Mama

April 2011 Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Eyebrows, how can me having a good time help disaster victims? It’s all related. How to drop unnecessary karmic baggage

March 2011 A Trip Full of Symbolism and Synchronicities, How to Stop Attracting Stuff You Don’t Want

February 2011 “Relationship” isn’t just about a romantic partner, everything is relationship, build it and they will come, it’s all related, my predictions for 2011

January 2011 I give myself a fashion makeover, how we attract everything, trust that you have the power to make it even in challenging times

Dec 2010 I give specific words to repeat to attract money

Nov 2010 Feeling connected to Nature’s cycles, Holiday weather triggers holiday emotions

Oct 2010 Are you part of the solution of part of the problem? A Tale of 3 Hairs

Sept 2010 Babaganoush to the rescue.  Why I give away what others charge for

August 2010 My mortgage refinance is denied, then I get it two weeks later!

July 2010 Being alone with your thoughts, working out your stuff BEFORE the end of your life, so your last thoughts are happy memories, not a parade of horror and regret

June 2010   The steps I took to turn my bitchy consciousness around – just in time

May 2010   Stockpiling: a full pantry brings up my commitment issues; Mom would be proud of me

April 2010 The Universe Interrupts My Plans, Creative Viz to Attract $$, Hurricane Season

March 2010 Reading Sunday Funnies as a Child, Keeping Dollar Karma Clean, Learn Basic $$ Skills

February 2010 The World is Friendly Despite What the Media Says. Choosing to Focus on the Good

January 2010  When Friends Misunderstand, Getting Back in the Vortex

December 2009 Are You In A Relationship Or Just Filling In The Blanks? Getting Clear for 2010

November 2009 The James Arthur Ray Sedona Sweat Lodge Deaths and Validation, the film

October 2009 The Healing Bench, Ho-oponopono, Dr. Ihaleakala, Hew Len

September 2009 Happy and Single, Everything is Relationship, It’s All Related

August 2009 Cell Phone Self Portrait Photo Shoot; The World Needs More People Who’ve Come Alive

July 2009 Reprogramming your inner dialogue; a case of reincarnation in the news; media spin

June 2009 Our 17th Anniversary in print, my father’s suicide, do I tell the story I want to live?

May 2009 Celebrate every day as your birthday; we are more than the body; me and Dad in the hospital; leaving a note for critter control

April 2009 Economy and Law of attraction; cutting back, a return to simpler times

March 2009 FaceBook, MySpace, Lucky Friday the 13th

Febuary 2009 Getting finances under control; avoiding the hype of tv news; draw your attention to the most hopeful “what if?”

January 2009 Symbolic dream about my father’s carpenter tool kit

December 2008 Synchronicity; Steve Pavlina; Hayhouse, Bernadette Carter

November 2008 What story do I tell about myself? How do I present myself to the world? Abraham-Hicks on the world economy (it’s good news)

October 2008 Don’t freak out about the economy; it’s a cycle and your hopeful thoughts make a difference. Media hype. The Global Coherence Project. Drumming to calm the storms

September 2008 Lawn mowing as meditation; using visualization to attract; visionaries thrive in all times; Alberto Villoldo dreaming the world into being.

August 2008 Predicting a mild hurricane season; keeping a dream journal; Seth on recurring dreams; characters in dreams as a facet of us. Why do we dream of being under dressed in public? Flying dreams, lucid dreams.

July 2008 Clearing personal freedom karma; unethical business partners; if you’re enlightened, you pay your child support.. Personal growth is a razor’s edged path; you can get cut to ribbons if you’re not mindful.

June 2008 Our 16th anniversary issue; attracting a good car buying experience; drumming for rain; arsonist walks under my prayer tree while running from police

May 2008 Michelle Whitedove new advice column; stopping the gossip and bad mouthing; your own work is enough to handle; Cosmic Mass.

April 2008 Staying connected to Source; table tipping with Dennis Hollin; America’s Psychic Challenge winner Michelle Whitedove

March 2008 How do I increase my business? How do I find the right teacher? How do I replace thoughts? Releasing old baggage.

February 2008 What do I want in a partner? Growing up in the 70’s encounter culture; clearing patterns that no longer serve you


January 2008 Law of attraction at work; releasing resistance; rerouting the circuitry of my brain


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