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de Michaelis

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher

January 2008
Law of attraction at work; releasing resistance; rerouting the circuitry of my brain

Hello and welcome to the January 2008 edition of Horizons Magazine. A new year! A new beginning! That's what I love, that every day, every moment is a new beginning.

I had a big a-ha today. Something happened that hasn't happened for years. I was in the first week of final layout for the January Horizons, and I realized something was wrong. Usually the first week, as I begin downloading all the email ads, I'm also frantically opening mail and getting payments logged in and deposited just in time to get bills paid. And typically I am downloading email ads up until the last minute, with the magazine due at the printer within hours. So while it's all quite rush-rush, I manage to get it done on time every time. But here I was at deadline and there was no rush going on. It was so unfamiliar to me that it took me a few minutes to realize I was a week ahead of schedule! Whaaaat????

I thought back to how that might have happened. For the past several months, my good friend Denise has been working with me here at Horizons. Every single week, she does something to save me money or make me money. She's like my lucky charm. The first week she was here, she renegotiated my postal meter lease, saving me $50 per quarter. There are a dozen things she's done like that, that make her a real asset to me and to Horizons.

I'm very used to working alone and doing everything myself. Since Denise has been here, we've begun splitting the duties. Mostly Denise gets to do whatever Andrea doesn't like to do *hehe* Mostly Andrea gets to do all the fun stuff. So when we both decided neither of us liked doing the billing… we had some re-evaluation to do.

The monthly billing should take me four hours if I stick to it and stay focused. It usually takes me 2-3 days. And it usually takes me a week of thinking about it before I decide I'd better just do it and get it over with. Yes, that's how I drag it out. But usually at the same time, I'm updating all the records and logging in payments and updating labels and updating ads. This month, what I did differently, was I let Denise do all the updating and logging in, and all I'll do is the billing. Ta dah! Everybody's happy!

It took me one morning to do the billing, and they went out the same day. By the 1st of the month, payments were coming in and there was money in the account to pay all the bills. Before I even had to begin final layout. With Denise opening the mail and doing the paperwork, I got to go online a week early to get the emails. 99% of our ads and ad revisions each month come by email, and it takes me 7-10 days to get them all downloaded and placed. This time, however, with Denise handling the bulk of the mail, I got to the emails earlier and did a little each day.

So what does all this mean? To me, it means thanks to Denise, I will have extra time to do things. That's huge to me! That changes my world! In fact, it changes it so much that I am actually going out to dinner and it's the Friday night before the magazine is due at the printer. And I may take Saturday and Sunday off as well.

Oh! Before I forget, there's another thing that happened from finishing the magazine early: I got to know a week ahead of time how much remaining ad space I had available to fill. Usually I just work until the magazine is finished and whatever ads have come in go in, and I go to press. I don't call around and try to find buyers for last minute ad space.

So, this time, I saw right away that I had 5 large ad spaces to fill, so I wrote them on a list next to me. I also emailed 2 friends who sometimes sell ads for me and let them know what space I had available. The result? Yay, a last minute $1,500 in ads simply because I was organized and on time enough to write what I wanted on a list and prepave that the Universe would bring it to me.

Another blatant example of an area I could have been using my law of attraction exercises on for the last dozen years and yet had not thought to do so until now.

And now that I have more time, I can get back to work on some projects with my brother. If you haven't seen lately, check it out, we've got lots of great new pages and new links.
A friend and I were having a discussion on the law of attraction and noted that the acts of allowing and surrender are the new tools. That the act of releasing resistance becomes the only “law” you need to consciously concern yourself with.

The only way I personally have found to do this is: I start looking at everything in my life and making as many changes as I can, and begin to do something that is new to me and excites me and completely engages my attention. This reroutes the circuitry of my brain and takes me off automatic pilot. As I get off autopilot, changes start happening in the world around me.

I move my furniture - often. I make myself walk in different pathways between rooms, I sleep on the opposite side of the bed, I shower in the guest bath, I dine in a new room, I move the contents of my kitchen cabinets around, I begin going to a new class or discussion group, I take a trip to a place I've never been before, maybe a trip with someone I don't know well.

So, to reroute the circuitry of my brain and take me off automatic pilot, I do things designed to keep my focus completely engaged on new and unfamiliar things. I put myself in situations where I can completely goof off and have fun. I put myself in situations with fun people doing things that delight me.

Because I know when I have been successful at allowing myself to surrender into a state of complete non-resistance for a long enough session, that lets the cosmic doorway open a crack and give me the things I've been prepaving my entire lifetime up to now. I can do all the wishing and intending and affirming and storyboarding I want, but if I have not yet released my resistance, my greater good is not going to show up in my life.

But when that doorway opens a crack, then all sorts of extra income shows up in the mailbox, new biz opportunities present themselves, people synchronistically appear, love fills the air, it's when the magic happens.

So this January, start off 2008 with an intention to spend more time releasing resistance; more time in allowing and surrender. Enjoy our offering this month.
Life is good!

Hari Om.