April 2009

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher
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Hello and welcome to the April 2009 edition of Horizons Magazine. I've been having so much fun writing in my blog at http://www.horizonsmagazine.com/blog every day.

Economy and the Law of Attraction; Abraham-Hicks; Cutting back, a return to simple times, make friends before you need them. We're being blasted over the media about the economic situation. Abraham-Hicks has some excellent words on this. I am asked for them so often that here they are again. See
www.economy-and-the-law-of-attraction.com /

You have the ability to stand in a place of prosperity - no matter what. From Abraham-Hicks: "How can we have economic disaster? Because a handful of people began saying a handful of things that a few billion listened to. And so, it affected a few billion vibrations, and now you're having the ripple effect of all of that. It is a powerful example of the power of mind. You are having glorious economic times, and there is not a reason for it to be otherwise for you individually, or you collectively. But don�t let what they are doing, collectively, affect you individually. It need not. Begin making statements that always keep you in the receiving mode:

"I'm not affected by what's happening outside of me. I'm only affected by the alignment of Energy between my desires. I anticipate that I will thrive even more during these economic times. These are boom times for me. I'm clearer about what I am knowing. I'm in a much better place this time than at any other time. All is really well here, and the Law of Attraction will sort everything out, and we are all doing extremely well."

There is no shortage. We know that there is no shortage, because we know that when you ask, the Universe has the ability to yield. There cannot be a shortage. All there can be is an individual or a whole bunch of individuals cutting themselves off from the supply of Well-being by finding one thing or another to be upset about.

Remember, there are the three points - You ask, the Universe yields, and you just must be in the receiving mode. It does not matter what games anybody else is playing. You have the ability to stand You have the ability to stand in a place of prosperity - no matter what."
End of Abraham quote

Those are important thoughts to hold, especially now when the media is blasting us with their ad-selling shocker headlines.  Maybe you can ease into the thoughts that you're not having to cut back because you don't have it, rather your lifestyle could use a little trimming back and this is a good time to start.

You can look at is as getting to go out less often, or you can look at it as learning to enjoy your home more fully. You can look at it as being able to eat out less often, or as getting yourself into a new fun, cooking routine.

Like with my new eating habits, I can look at it as something I have to do unless I want to die, or I can trick myself into a whole new lifestyle that includes loving to shop for and prepare healthy, low fat, vegetarian delights for myself. And I get a kick out of saving up a fat vacation kitty with the money I save on not eating as I used to.

Like with working out, I can look at it as something I have to do unless I want to get fat or disabled, or I can look at it as being excited over the upper body muscle strength I have at my age.

I'm doing some cutting back of my own. None of them are by way of deprivation, though, I'm far too selfish to deprive ME anything. Most of it has to do with freeing up time and energy for new projects I'm excited about, and I'll share them with you as they unfold.

I used to be amused that our Cherokee grandmother would save the smallest snippets of vegetables for soup stock. She had all these little bits in the ice box (yes, the ice box). Later, when she just cooked for herself, she could make a carrot last two meals. 

It makes me think about how much I used to spend on groceries in the past, when I was such a meat eater. My tum just cringes now to think of what all I ate on a regular basis. And I ate like a lumberjack as well. My weekly grocery bill was 3 times what it is now. More than that since I ate out 4-6 times a week as well.

So when I reflect on the changes I've made in lifestyle the past couple of years, I have really pared down my living costs without that being the intention. Yes, organic fruits and vegetables cost more, but the nutrition, the energy boost and the flavor I get from them is so worth it. And when I feel that my food is really feeding me, really nourishing me, then I want less of it as well.

So, instead of freaking out about OMG I have to cut back and what if I'm out on the street and there's nothing to eat, maybe I should hoard."  If those crazy thoughts come to you because of what the media is blasting at you every day, simply take a deep breath, watch the
Abraham-Hicks video again and remind yourself: "I've been wanting to drop a few pounds, now would be a good time to cut back on portions and certain rich foods anyway." Or just take a break from them for 30 days. You're not depriving yourself, you're just giving them time and space to become special to you again.

People are so funny. We go through a big crisis like Hurricane whatever or Tsunami this or Earthquake that and we bind together tightly in our little communities with those who are out on the street the same as us. Only then, when we're forced together by the Universe ripping from our hands everything we've ever known to hang on to, do we begin to SEE each other and RELATE to each other and interact with each other.

So, I've learned from my own personal history that if I don't make some changes that I really know I need to make, then the Universe will step right in and make them for me. So, before the forces of Nature begin their seasonal trek across our piece of the planet, you might want to start making friends with your neighbors.

You've been wanting to get out and walk anyway, just walk around the block at the end of your day. I promise you'll feel more unwound than it you'd just crashed in front of the news after work. And you don't have to make a nuisance of yourself, just say hello as you pass. Wave when you drive by. Just get to know who is around you, who is in your own personal sphere. And get along with them. Get along with them before you need to ask anyone for help or a favor.  I'm thinking that if we all did that, that would send a big giant signal to the Universe that we are all making strides to get along. That we are putting aside personal differences. That we are celebrating our brotherhood. And if we're all busy doing that, we don't have time for fussing and fighting and hating and everything that goes along with that. And that means we don't vibrate in a place that attracts anything we might consider a disaster or crisis.  We won't find ourselves in the path of another Katrina, no matter how stormy the season.

It's up to us, to choose what to attract. And I'm blessed to have attracted neighbors who are quiet, interesting, fun, private and whom I seldom see other than just walking or biking around the 'hood. Life is good. I have no complaints whatsoever. Enjoy our offering this month.  Hari Om.

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