November 2008

Hello and welcome to the November 2008 edition of Horizons Magazine. Wow, I was really on a soapbox last month! As I reread my October editorial before beginning this one, I see I was ranting about the media - sheesh - do I forget that I AM the media? My article each month is typically written at the very last minute, as soon as I see how much space I have remaining after placing all the ads. I like having at least 24 hours between writing it and proof-reading it. That way, if I catch myself on a rant, a few hours later I will have balanced out about it and will edit it down. But I don’t always get 24 hours. Last month I had like an hour, and so I just rattled off a page and a half of what was on my mind. When I read it later, in print, I see that I was lost in my movie of "I’m overwelmed with work" and let all of you be privy to that. Grin. You’re welcome!

I like to catch myself offguard like that, it helps me to see what kind of story I am telling myself about me. Is this the story I tell everyone else about me, too? Hmmm… what, then, IS my story? Is my story that I am overwelmed with work, that I have no time for a personal life and that I miss out on a lot of community events because I am working? Or is my story that I am blessed with successful business, that my work IS my mission and is the fulfillment of my life’s purpose, and that while I don’t attend many local events, I maintain friendships behind the scenes via phone and email with many in the community.

Is my story that my yard is big and overgrown and hard to maintain? Or that I live in Paradise and get a chance every day to prune and sculpt the landscape into just what I’d like, to carve new trails as last season’s trail grows over? I get to see everyday evolution in action, constant death and rebirth, and to be reminded that just like the fallen acorn is the seed for a future giant oak, just so will my good and prosperity flow out of me as a natural result of who I am.

Is my story that there is trouble in the world and I should spend my personal thought time worrying about it? Or is my story that my life is good and I believe there is more good to come, and that the best is yet to be?

No coincidence, Abraham-Hicks this month talks about the story you tell *smile* Oh! New! Abraham on The World Financial Crisis at It’s good news!

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.