May 2009

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher
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Hello and welcome to the May 2009 edition of Horizons Magazine. Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. This year my mom's birthday falls on Mother's Day. She was the best mom anyone could ever have. She always encouraged me and supported me and inspired me to be all I could be and to go for whatever I wanted. I chose this cover art by Melissa Harris because it represents to me my mother and I, working together and making beautiful music together. She's the dark exotic one and I'm the beige one *smile*

Last month my birthday fell on Good Friday. I love it when it falls at Easter weekend. I could never figure in advance when Easter would be until I started following the moon phases. Then I realized it's always celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the Vernal equinox. I love the whole idea of resurrection, rebirth, Spring renewal. I also like that my birthday falls on the 100th day of the year, except on leap years. It's not just that I like seeing zeroes at the end of a number, either. I just like the number. To me it means whole and complete, 100%, something I strive to be. 100% conscious, that is, 100% of the time. Ok, all my buddies are laughing themselves silly right now. I didn't say I was 100% conscious 100% of the time, but at this stage of the game, I can recognize pretty quickly when I start to drift. I can usually know as soon as I've made an unconscious remark, and keep myself from making the next one. But it wasn't always that easy. That's for sure.

It used to take someone bringing to my attention some lame something I said or did, before I reflected on it. Then I got to where I could realize it by the end of the day, as I did my nightly review at meditation time. Now it's often just before I say it, or shortly thereafter. That's a total blessing. That cuts down on the karmic backlash, for sure. It was not until I began spending some serious alone time that I started waking up and wising up to who I really was and what I was really doing.

"For my birthday," I wrote in my blog, "I have something exquisite planned. I'm going to get up early and meditate and do some yoga as the dawn breaks. I'm going to do a prayer session at the healing bench and have my morning tea outside and listen to the neighborhood wake up. I'm going to come into the office and answer some emails and do some work and go get the mail. I'm going to make a favorite soup or salad for lunch and take a walk around the yard and maybe do some gardening and watering. Then I'll probably end up back at the office again until the wee hours, when I'll crash out in my chair after having a totally blissful day."

"Oh? You ask, how is that different from any other day? Why would I want to do that for my birthday?"

That's another thing I learned as I plod the Path: to treat every day as a holiday. To celebrate every day as if it's my birthday. I've learned it's not all that hard to focus on what makes my heart sing and let Spirit guide me how to turn that into supply. I've learned it's not about what I do, it's how I feel about what I do.

Sometimes it barely matters what this body is doing, when my mind is so engaged elsewhere. Now I know how some people who have had serious injuries and disabilities can bear it. Their attitude places them outside the body, and the body is the only thing restricting them. Other than that, they know the sky is the limit.

I remember years ago being in the hospital for the third time with pancreatitis (my past life - I'm all better now!) and recall being in the emergency room waiting for the pain shot. I knew that they had to process me and get the IV in before I could get the shot, and I was unable to control my body that kept contorting and moaning. It had a life of its own!

I remember alternating my thoughts between recalling the feeling of the pain shot the last time I got it (a year before), and recalling how it felt as the pain slipped away (because I wanted to vibe there and make it happen quicker). That thought alternated with the thought that I was sorry my friend Suzie (who took me to the ER), had to see and hear it all. I knew for myself it would pass quickly enough, and except for physical distress, I felt fine. I mean, I wasn't afraid or anxious. But I couldn't stop the writhing and moaning and felt sorry that she had to watch it.

It makes me think of when the cheetah catches the gazelle. In the documentaries, you see the gazelle yelp and flail, but I know that the consciousness of that gazelle, before it feels more than it can bear, will leave that body behind to writhe and yelp on its own. That's just the nervous system winding down at that point, although it looks horrible to watch if you don't realize that.

My dad was in a coma for the last week of his life and I'd sit on one side of him, and his wife on the other, holding his hand. Periodically he'd squeeze a hand and once even kind of sat up a little. But I knew those were automatic body responses. I knew he was no longer in there. I think at that point he was already blissed out and totally happy for the first time in many years, his mind far, far away, having - as they say - slipped the surly bonds of Earth and touched the face of God. I believe I touch God with every move I make and every breath I take. The more conscious I am of that, the more blissful my life is and the more magical, wonderful things happen in and around me.

My loquat and mulberry trees are now full of fruit, and full of birds and squirrels clamboring for them. I take a walk around at sundown to check everything out. This time of year, there is so much critter activity that I often take my dinner outside to the wrought iron table and chair I sit at when I dine al fresco. As I sat outside and watched the critter activity, it seemed everyone was enjoying the party. A fat young raccoon, who typically stays hidden until after dark, came ambling by and I watched his antics as he climbed into the mulberry tree. From where I sat, he was completely hidden by the heavy leaf coverage, and I could only tell where he was by the branches getting lower as he bumbled across. I could also tell where he was headed next, since I am the one who trims those branches, so I know which limbs crisscross onto others. I always make sure when I am trimming branches to be mindful of which ones are the major highways for the squirrels so I don't take their favorite routes away. After all, this is their yard, too.

I have 3 pairs of cardinals in the yard. Last month I'd noticed one visibly making her nest very low in the eleagnus bush right at my back porch door, where the cats come in and out all day long. I have to be careful when trimming my hedges to look for cardinal nests, since they build them about chest high. This one was well hidden, so when I trimmed the hedge, I exposed more of it than I would have had I seen the nest there.

I initially wrote the mama cardinal a note asking her to please move her nest elsewhere. Wrote a note?? What are you talkin' about?? Years ago I learned a neat trick. I had some ants who decided to move onto the back porch. Then I saw one in the house. That would simply not do, so I wrote them a note. It basically said "Dear ants: I am happy to share space with you and you can have the entire outside and stay there, and I will have the entire inside. Thank you" Then I put a copy of the note on my healing bench. That's where I keep notes of who and what to pray for, then I pray the bench twice a day as part of my spiritual practice.

I'd written a note years before for some raccoons as well. They'd begun thinking they could just walk in the cat door and help themselves to the cats' food. That would simply not do, so they got a note asking them to stay outside. Both times, with the raccoons and with the ants, their invasion stopped that day.

So, seeing the cardinal nest so low and so near the cat door, I wrote the mama cardinal a note asking her to please move her nest elsewhere. The day after the note was the last time I saw her near the nest. I could hear the cardinals in the east woods but didn't see them at the birdbath for a couple of days after that. But there is a birdbath in the east yard also, which I cannot see from my office window. I got the feeling she just abandoned the nest, and I was lamenting the sole egg I saw she left in it. I was sorry to see her go, and I took the note down. Six hours later, Mama cardinal was once again happily perched on the nest, I am so glad I took down the note. As of this writing, she is on the nest and the first of her eggs is due to hatch this weekend. I'm keeping my Facebook friends updated.

If you share space with any creatures and have a message you'd like to get across, write them a note. Write them a note as if they will read it and understand it and obey it. Trust me. It works.

The last few days my brother and I have been working on getting some projects finished together, and I now have two new mp3 files online at the website. See the link at http://horizonsmagazine.com that says Andrea's CDs and MP3s. The new files are Stop Smoking and OOBE - You Are Not The Body, which is an astral flight. It was interesting "proofing" the Out of Body Experience OOBE file and having to listen to it several times through. I have some interesting experiences I will share with you later. I was reminded of the incident with my chair that happened in October 2006. I wrote about it at http://www.horizonsmagazine.com/2006Archives/Oct2006.html in The Haunted Chair, Journeys Out Of The Body. In keeping with my decision to not participate in a recession, these mp3 files are just $10 each.

I've been having so much fun writing in my blog at http://horizonsmagazine.com/blog every day. It's my daily diary of what I do. As we are going to press, I just got an email with a real compliment... I think. In response to the pic of me with glasses on my blog site: "Why not be real and use a photo of who you are today, not 20 or 30 years ago?" I recognized the email address as someone I last saw in 2000, so I guess I now look 20-30 years younger than I did then - cool! I'm not getting older, I'm getting better.

Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.