June 2008

Hello and welcome to the June 2008 *16th Anniversary Edition* of Horizons Magazine. Sixteen years, good grief, I never thought I'd have a job last this long - pretty neat! I used to think a job was something I had to do to make money to be able to take time off to do what I really wanted to do. When it occurred to me that a ”job” could also be a career path I decided to pursue because it was fun, my world changed. When I considered the notion that I could make my own hours and discipline my own self to be my own boss, I got really excited. It never occurred to me before. I thought I'd be a criminal defense paralegal forever since it was all I knew. Not so!

I was surprised that I knew more than I thought I did. I was surprised at what new ideas and skills I picked up quickly. I was surprised to see that I was attracting it all to me and surprised to learn I could control what I attracted. Life began getting good pretty quickly, and it continues to get better every day. Really :)

Just two weeks ago I decided it was time to get another car. I loved my Hyundai Santa Fe, but I no longer needed the cargo space and I wanted to drive a car like a regular person again. For the past 15 years I'd driven a van or SUV. I wanted something that got good gas mileage. My last foray into an auto dealership had left me not wanting to repeat the experience - do you know the feeling? Then I was reminded that doesn't have to be my experience this time. I was reminded that I can prepave what I want my future experience to be. I can envision it and replay it in my head and feel as though I was in the situation already, and “practice” it into being.

I had a couple of days off and wanted to do the job quickly. I decided between a Honda Civic hybrid and a Toyota Prius hybrid. As I was researching online, I came across Greenwise Motors www.greenwisemotors.com in Melbourne. They carry only “green” vehicles and are focusing on hybrids. I got a good feeling about them as I reviewed their used car inventory online. I went in to see them and ended up having the first enjoyable car buying experience of my life. They had a gently used 2007 Toyota Prius hybrid fairly priced and gave me a generous trade in for my vehicle. I would recommend anyone to go see Richard and Gina at Greenwise and tell them what you are looking for. They are fair, honest, enjoyable, believe in their work and talk to you like you're family.

I'd taken advantage of my giant email list to send a notice out ahead of time to friends asking advice about buying a car. The best advice I received was to arrange for financing ahead of time with the Space Coast Credit Union. They gave me scads of information ahead of time about car values for my car and for the Civic and Prius. They helped me make the decisions that worked my deal. I closed later the same day and drove the new car home. I was delighted when I stopped by the next day, to have their detailer tell me what clean condition my traded in car was. He said he can tell the new buyer that “a lady drove this car.” Wow, it felt good to hear that! Hearing that makes me want to keep this one clean, too.

I actually began saving money the moment I bought the car. It was almost time for an oil change with my Santa Fe, and I was going to buy new tires. My car payment was due in 2 days. Now my new payment is not due for 45 days, I don't need an oil change and my tires are almost new. I got gas a few days later and filled the 11.9 gallon tank for $30. I'm told by other Prius owners I'll get over 40mpg. I'm stoked!
So it felt pretty good to realize that even with something as historically annoying to me as going into a car dealership and negotiating a car purchase, to know that I could consciously and deliberately turn that event around, and turn it into an enjoyable experience, that made me feel powerful. That made me feel I was stretching my wings and could now fly a little higher, that I was a little stronger for the experience. And it was another example of the law of attraction at work in my life, being applied in a practical fashion to achieve a specific desire. Far out!

As this issue of Horizons was getting ready for press, we had several fires break out here in Palm Bay. It was all over the national news. The big fires were a mile south of me and I didn't even know about them until the second day when someone told me to turn on the news. My neighborhood and as far as I could see, everything was fine. Vibrational match with well-being, I guess! After I went into town and drove back south on I-95, I could see big plumes of smoke south of me, and they had I-95 south closed at my exit. I turned the tv on so I could see if they were tracking the locations so I could see how “safe” I was. If I trusted what I saw and felt, I was fine. If I trusted what the news showed me, I got anxious. But I promised my brother I wouldn't be foolish. (Yes, he's still laughing.)

I saw FPL trucks and so I prepared myself for power outage. I backed up my computer, readied my fridge and freezer and located all flashlights. Almost immediately afterward, I lost power. I wasn't concerned, but packed a bag anyway. After all, I'd need to get somewhere I could finish this June Horizons if power stayed out for long. Almost as soon as the car was packed, power came back on. Yay!
I sat and meditated on my next step. I said some prayers and chanted and drummed a little in my meditation room. I began remembering everything I ever thought and felt about rain and chanted and drummed into the memory of it. I had an idea and emailed my group asking:

“Who's up for a group drumming on the beach about sundown with the intent to bring on some rain to help quench the fires? Perhaps we can all start now to imagine how great the quenching rains would feel as they come down. This is a great group intention exercise if you're game. If you can't be available, maybe have a small group at your place or set some time aside to do it on your own.”

”REMEMBER, if you have the tv tuned to the news and are watching the fires, you are vibrating in a place of keeping the fires going.

REMEMBER the news will continue to show the most outrageous footage, like the one of the kids running screaming thru the school earlier today. That is not happening now! Right now they are getting it under control.

PLEASE THINK AND FEEL that things are being handled well.
PLEASE THINK AND FEEL that help is happening.
PLEASE THINK AND FEEL that as night falls, the rains are heading our way.
PLEASE THINK AND FEEL what a good downpour would feel like to our yards.
PLEASE THINK AND FEEL how fun to know we're getting a good soaking rain.

If you have to watch the news, just remember that God/Goddess is stronger than any fire. In June 2004, my block lost acres of woods and one home to fire. It stopped at my property. I know we can escape trouble even though it's all around us. God/Goddess is stronger than any fire!”

The response to my email was almost immediate and a drumming on the beach was set for sundown the next day.

The morning of the drumming, I was going to stay focused for our intention experiment. I began watering my yard, and moving the sprinklers every hour or so. That let me get sprinkled and splashed with water all day long, which was all the better to help me visualize and remember what rain feels like. When I walked barefoot on my grass, it felt cool and spongy and damp. Water dripped from the low hanging oak leaves and when I grabbed the camphor tree branch and shook it, I got a fullblown shower! As I walked through my yard, it felt like a rain forest oasis.
Just as the car salesman in the example above, I wasn't concerned about what anyone else around me was doing, I was doing what I thought was right, and I was tending to what was in front of me right here in the Now. And that gave me power to keep the tv off and hold thoughts of a good outcome for the situation. And yes there were a few hours where the smoke was very visible I could hear the emergency vehicles closeby and see the helicopters overhead and it was a bit like a scene from Apocalypse Now. But I asked within and felt safe and so just went on about my work and kept the tv off. We had a good group at the drum circle and even had fun doing rain songs. Did it rain? 2 days later we got some, but the fires abated dramatically and by morning the news reported they were contained.

So, okay, we didn't bring the rain immediately but Spirit saw fit to get the fires under control without it. Coincidence? Or did we work a little magic? What do you think? What do you prefer to believe?

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! The next morning, I had a sudden urge to water the back yard at 7:30am and began setting my sprinklers out and was happily chanting the Sarva Mangala as I did it. Afterward as I stepped into my back porch, I heard a man's voice loudly say “I think I got the wrong one”. I turned to see a man walking out of my east woods and 15 feet away from me as he walked alongside my porch toward the front of the house. Had he not spoken, I would not have turned and seen him. I first thought he was an FPL guy but he wasn't dressed for it, so I walked through the house and out onto the street to see what kind of vehicle he was in. No vehicle and no guy. Plus my cats were lounging in the pathway, which meant the man did not walk by them. Which meant he backtracked into my backyard or woods.

I saw a Channel 2 News helicopter low overhead and an unmarked police car with a uniformed officer sped by me on the street. I knew something was up. I went in and called the police and described the man I'd seen in my yard, then I turned on the news. Within a minute an officer was at my house and afterward they were broadcasting a description for the man as the arson suspect. They caught him an hour later several blocks away.

I saw the mugshot on Channel 13 News and it didn't look like who I saw, so I called the news department and asked if they had a video of the guy. I was told they did not however that Channel 2 did, so I turned it on and confirmed that was who I saw. I joked later with friends that Spirit sent him through my yard so he could pass under my prayer tree and get a blessing. Since I'd seen him with something in his hand, a detective team arrived a few hours later with bloodhounds to do some tracking, so lots of blessings were had that day!

Last month's Cosmic Mass (www.cosmicmassmelbourne.com) was awesome and I look forward to it being an ever bigger and better event each year. Some of you have asked about the awesome dance music, and on page 42 I have printed the playlist for you.

This month I have been reminded that if the Universe wants me to be safe, someone with mal intent can walk right by me and I'm vibrationally invisible to them. Cool beans! Enjoy our offering this month.

Hari Om.

Andrea de Michaelis, Publisher