December 2008

Hello and welcome to the December 2008 edition of Horizons Magazine.

Each month I make up a list of what I'd like the Universe to bring me in the next 30 days. The list invariably helps me stay focused and I usually achieve what I am seeking by month's end. As I was creating my visualization script for the month of November, I wrote down "bring me someone
to take the Horizons website to the next level." I wrote the script on October 29th.

On November 3rd, I received a call from Bernadette Carter, who was inquiring about advertising. She and I immediately hit it off and began talking on all manner of things and got on the website topic. She asked me if I knew who Steve Pavlina was and I did not. Part of the synchronicity is that Bernadette's birthday is October 29th, the day I wrote my November 2008 script asking for someone to take me to the next level with the website. She had seen him speak at the Hayhouse I Can Do It Tampa conference in October.
Although Bernadette was the first one to mention Pavlina to me, I had an unread email waiting for me from Hay House that included an excerpt from Steve's Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth book, which you'll find on page 9 of this December Horizons. Also, unopened in the outer office was the review copy of Steve's book that Hayhouse sent me. Synchronicity!

I like that title "For Smart People". I think you have to be smart to "get it" when profound lessons are given using simple words. Too often we think: "Oh that's too simple, that can't work" so we never try something that could change our world forever. To paraphrase the scientific principal of Ockham's Razor, "All other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best." Yet we tend to overlook what seems to be too easy.

At 19, Pavlina's life came crashing down upon him and, in an attempt to overcome his situation, he decided the best course of action was to go to work on himself. His book and his popular online blog is the result of years of delving deep inside himself and he shares the insights he's learned along the way. Lots of them. Almost a thousand articles on his pages, all by him, all interesting and relevant to now.

A friend asked, "Why are you going to promote this guy's website? Why not promote the Horizons site instead?"

My answer was, "I want to promote him because he does the same work I do at Horizons. Except his website gets millions of hits each year, so he's got a much wider readership. Do I want my readers to only know what I know, or do I want to turn them on to whoever can help them the most?" I may have 150 articles online while he has maybe 5 times that.

If I am who I say I am, it shouldn't matter who gets the message out. The message is the important thing and it's amazing what can get done when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.

I attract what I attract and he attracts what he attracts. I sure can't complain about my golden life. Reading at his site inspired me that I can be much more than I am now, and I'm already real motivated. Reading the articles at his site helped me expand my idea of what was possible for me. As a result, I redid the Horizons website to be much more organized and easier to read. We have past issues online in pdf format. I have my monthly articles going back to 1997 so you can follow along my last dozen years' journey.

Would I have gotten around to doing all that without ever hearing of Steve Pavlina? Sure. Maybe. But he made it easy for me. Which is the point of his website and the point of Horizons Magazine. To share our personal stories of what we have found that works or no longer works, to try to save someone time and effort in their journey toward personal fulfillment and discovering new purpose. And if millions of people worldwide are waking up to who they are, discovering who they want to be and acting responsibly, then everyone wins.

The last time I was this excited about a writer was when I discovered Abraham-Hicks over a dozen years ago. Pavlina writes in his blog about discovering Abraham-Hicks and The Secret. Do a title search on www.stevepavlina.com for the May 25, 2006 blog entry entitled The Secret. I love it when people first discover the Abraham work. Just like with Steve's work, it can change your world and make available to you a different kind of life. Look for Steve Pavlina's monthly column beginning with this December Horizons. Ah, 2008 coming to a close. What kind of life are you ready for 2009 to bring you?

Enjoy our offering this month. Hari Om.