You never know who the Universe will want you to meet next

I had an appointment today to meet a new client for lunch. I looked forward to it because she seemed so pleasant and fun on the phone. On the way I stopped in at Walmart’s Customer Service Dept and where a very impatient couple was complaining about everything. I played on Facebook while I stood in line and ignored them. I left right after they did. I walked up as they were pulling their car out. The woman’s driving and she’s not looking so as I get near her, I motion for her to stop because she’s getting ready to hit something. She gives me a dirty look and tells me to mind my own business. I figured, “That’s cool, they’re not having a good day but I am” and I go on my merry way. I walked into Carrabba’s carrying a Horizons Magazine since my client didn’t know what I looked like. Guess who my client was. She looked kind of stunned, doe in the headlights, so I put two fingers to my forehead, closed my eyes and said, “my spidey sense tells me you’re having a bad day.” We laughed. She apologized. She’s been having a bad year, I don’t need to add to it by being grumpy back <3