You can make a living right where you are

I love calls like this. When we last spoke in 2015, a friend was bummed she could not get employed in the field she’d been trained for. Then she had to stick close to home to care for a declining parent. I suggested she change her idea of what kind of job she “should” have and to look in her immediate vicinity for what was needed.  ♡ She lived in a neighborhood of many folks she did not know. I suggested she get to know them and see if she could help them out, cleaning, cooking, yard care, running errands, organizing, taking retirees to appointments, writing out checks for bills etc. for a fair price. ♡ A corporate professional for 30 years, she scoffed at the idea. She called tonight to let me know that is exactly what she’s been doing since about six months after we spoke. She’s been happier and more relaxed and has as much work as she wants with people she now considers friends and family. ♡ Ok. so she didn’t win the lotto and she doesn’t live in a mansion and have a yacht out back but if you ask me, this is a success story.

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