You become peaceful when you start the work of undoing what you have done

Writer Sophia Quzi

Someone once said to Socrates, “I never learned anything from what you spoke but from your company. Even if you were not in the same room I knew if you were in the building or not.”   In the world today there are various forms of peacelessness and various ways of spreading it. Someone who is worried doesn’t think he is spreading what is opposite of peacefulness. Perhaps he thinks it just stays in his body’s cells and does not spread outwards but it stretches further than the earth. A person who has opinions that involves dislike or mistrust of anyone is hurting everyone. Nature lovers hurt the nature. Greedy people damage their own children. Animal lovers hurt animals. Not liking someone is disliking everyone as is disliking my job. A politician will be spiritually incorrect. A person can only become peaceful when they start the work of undoing what they have done. When we are soul conscious and connect our intellects in yoga with the higher self, we will continue to receive this current. The damage will be undone and the 5 elements as well as every soul within a costume of 5 elements will become cooperative with our task. Today…leave your own problem and worries aside be peaceful and allow others to be in peace.
Love Sophia 

One thought on “You become peaceful when you start the work of undoing what you have done

  1. Fiifi Aidoo

    Thanks greatly appreciate your words. I’ve always advised people to try not to take things personally; what people say about you is a reflection of them, not you. When you’ve seen beyond yourself, then you may find, peace of mind is waiting there.

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