You are the Vortex

woman-spinning-dress-slow-motion-nature-sun-forest-happinessYesterday was a day of running errands for me, and I was on line at the bank, in the market and at the post office.  Being in line is always a lot of fun for me, especially if the radio is on.  Yesterday at the post office, we had the whole line bopping to KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Shake Your Booty.”  I  always talk to people I’m standing in line with and have met some great friends that way.    I posted it on Facebook and said, “I went to school with Harry Casey, he’s 60 this year and can still get us dancing in the aisles.”  One friend commented that I always seem to find fun, and galpal Joan Crutcher responded, “Andrea doesn’t find fun, she brings fun with her wherever she goes.”  And Joan’s right.  I am a vortex of fun and I take it with me wherever I go.

Portals and Power Places: A lot of my friends travel to Arizona, Peru, France and India, to sacred sites such as Sedona, Macchu Picchu, Lourdes and Puttaparti.  I hear others talk about “there’s a special vortex here or there“  however it’s my experience that I AM the vortex. That WE ARE each the powerful vortex that we seek.  It’s interesting; we’ll make a pilgrimage half way around the world before we’ll sit alone with ourself to make the journey within.  Go figure. 

Ok, I know it’s not that easy. I know that being in a power place, where others have gone before us, can inspire us to relax and release resistance so that we’re able to experience our Self more fully. The beliefs of the other pilgrims adds to the overlying thoughtform, and we can be lifted in consciousness and carried on the wave of their faith and expectation. Yes, we can do that at home in the bathtub as well, but “getting in the mood” can be a helpful motivator to make us relax and be receptive to a fuller experience.

You Can be A Vision Keeper: There are also times that you do not want to be carried along on the wave of someone else’s thoughtform, that perhaps your thoughts are the higher and more inspired of the group. These are the times you get to practice being the visionkeeper for the group.  When you can keep your head about you when those around you are losing theirs.  And the power of just one person with focused thought and intent can override the doubts and fears of an entire community. We’ve all seen in happen. And you can be the one person who remembers to hold the higher vision, wherever you go, whatever you see before you. You can be the one who remembers you are a powerful vortex of creat-ive energy and wherever you go, you take your power with you. When you show up shining, others reflect your light back to you.

And this isn’t just about holding a vision of peace and unity while the media talks terrorism and war; it’s about making your immediate environment free of complaint and criticism and disharmony. It’s about making a heaven out of where you are right now, with whoever is in front of you. (And yes, even that one.  Especially that one.) And when you stop to realize that there is much more harmony and well being in the world than there is disease, terrorism and war, you begin to put life into perspective.

Don’t be nervous when 95% of the media repeatedly reports to you the horror that only 5% of the world is experiencing. This is how fear is perpetuated. One station reports it. Another picks it up. One person sees it, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends… See where this is going?

We are our brothers’ keeper. We can help hold the higher vision for the world. We don’t have to talk about it. We don’t have to join a group to do it. We don’t have to all do it at the same time. But WE are the people and NOW is the time. We are the vortex and we take it with us wherever we go.  What’s in your vortex?