Wow, that’s the fastest a prayer ever worked!

prayer worksI know prayer works but wow, that was fast!  (See my process below.)  I came in the office at 8:00am after five days off. I turned my flip desk calendar to today and found my stack of “bills to be paid”. The stack looked pretty hefty since I paid all my property taxes last week. That’s the nature of my business: there are times when we squeak for a few days between billing and bank deposit.  We’ve never NOT paid something on time, so my experience is that it always gets done by the time it needs to get done. That’s pretty much all I need to know about that.  I did, however, goof and saw my car payment was due from Wednesday. Hmmm. So I said a prayer that it would be taken care of and almost immediately the office phone rang.

It was the credit union reminding me the car payment was due.  I told her I’d just stepped into the office and my first job was to assess finances. I quickly scanned the accounts and saw this was the in-between week so I couldn’t pay it today.  Just then my tenant’s rent check fell out of the flip calendar. It is the same amount as the car payment, and it will be deposited tomorrow! Sure, I’d simply forgotten about it but her call brought it to my attention.  I’ll still spend all day sending invoices out, but it saved me a lot of time knowing it was taken care of almost as soon as I had the need.

A friend says that since I teach law of attraction I should never give examples of living anything but tons of dollars. She says that because she doesn’t understand how it works. I know to stay focused on good thoughts to attract the easy flow. I’m pretty good at it but allow myself to be distracted. The nature of my job is a constant daily back and forth between working with people who undergo conflict, seeking their way out of it. Some stories pull me into their vibe for a short time. I find my way out of it as soon as I notice it. But it can be a daily, sometimes hourly practice. I’m a firm believer in “pray as if everything depends on God, and work as though everything depends upon me.”  I’ll never doubt that prayer works.

A friend asked what exact words I prayed. The heartfelt intent matters more than the words.  It was basically holding my stack of bills due this week in my hand and saying that I know my needs are always met, I don’t need to have a stockpile waiting to be drawn from. I just need to have my daily bread, what is necessary when it’s needed. I know there is a power greater than me that is in control and I am grateful It sees and meets my every need. I know this will be no different. Then, old habits die hard, “I ask these things in Jesus’ name, amen.

A friend commented:, “You are being quite generous to post your methodology for manifestation and your honest life reactions to events. And yes, we all have to check and recheck our ‘systems’ of manifestation occasionally. Keep up the good work!”

I replied: Thank you, I feel if I am who I say I am, I have to share the process of how I get from where I am to where I want to be. That is always a series of steps, challenges and all. If I just said, “Oh I needed to pay bills so I prayed and money came,” well that doesn’t really tell anyone what I actually did.

12:45pm update:  I’ve just drawn in a third of what I need less than four hours later.
3:00pm update:  I’ve got the entire amount needed. This Universe rocks!