Working out as soon as I wake up works best for me

Bicep curl

I woke up thinking today is too busy of a Monday, I am in the final days of final layout for the January Horizons Magazine, so  I’ll skip the gym or go later. I know what that means. I got dressed and drove over there and did 20 minutes at 2.8 mph and 2.0 incline on the treadmill (yes, I’m a lightweight) while I woke up and decided if I wanted to work out. Heck, I’m here, I may as well. I worked my back and biceps. My back is good, must be the years of yoga.  My biceps are barking, they are glad to get this. Me, too.  I’m glad Planet Fitness is just 2 miles away.  I know I can be there and back before I can finish arguing with myself whether to go or not.  I’ve done that too often with too many previous gyms throughout my life.  Just a week in, I already have more energy and better sleep.  I can feel which muscles are being worked and that makes me excited about what they’ll be like 5 weeks from now, in their new incarnation, stronger and better.

Glad I dressed for the gym because it got me there
The home fitness room expands
I’m lighter, healthier and more fit at the end of the year than when it began
Working out as soon as I wake up works best for me
I join Planet Fitness the day before Thanksgiving
Hereinafter “Ab Day” will be Core Strengthening Day instead