Who would do such a thing? God would!

“The next time the unconscious voice in your head notices an abusive, tragic or heartbreaking behavior and says…”who would do this?”, consciously say “God would.” This will help free you from the illusion of separateness.”….yogi armandananda — feeling God everywhere. Spiritual brother Armand Della Volpe wrote this on Facebook and I loved the thread. One friend wrote, “The whole reason this came up was because I was sharing some deep pain with Armand and Angel regarding someone who has hurt me deeply and for a long time. I was judging when I said “who does that?” (With tears rolling down my face). And Armand said “God does!” I immediately went from judgement to compassion. I saw this person as the beautiful expression of the Divine instead of judging the behavior that was causing me pain. I still choose not to be close relationally to this person because of the patterned behavior… but in that moment… seeing her as God released my pain. Period. It doesn’t have to work for anyone else. It worked for me. I think I’ll continue to play with it and I’m sure new understanding and insight will continue to come.”  I commented: What an absolute truth. When I’m stuck in my ego, I’m in the illusion and think “they” are doing something to “me.” In reality, I am showing myself to myself so I can hone myself back to who I really Am. It can take hours or it can take years, it depends on how much I truly recognize my part in attracting it and how much I want peace.
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