Whether you love me forever is irrelevant

butterfly-in-handWhether you love me forever is irrelevant. What is relevant is that, while you love me, you love me fully. We don’t regret our past, we don’t anticipate a future. We enjoy each holy, sacred moment we’ve got right Now and we stay flexible enough to ever-morph into more of what our work together is to be. Who’s to say whether that’s 24 more hours or 24 more years? All that matters to me is that in the Now, I feel happy, I feel content, I feel I am doing meaningful work, I feel that I love and am loved, I am having fun, I feel emotionally supported. At some point, I learned it’s irrelevant whether that love comes from a particular person or not, and learned the duration had zero to do with it. The intensity of the connectedness and fun-ness in the Now is everything. Everything.

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