Where does standing up for others fit into law of attraction?

Friday May 22 2009.  I went back and read what I blogged May 7th Do I let friends have their own dream, or do I warn them? I thought how judgmental it sounded.  When I’m being judgmental and opinionated is when something raises my emotional ire and, when that happens, I no longer have a clear view.  And I don’t mean something that throws me into a rage, I mean something that catches my attention in a way that makes me feel I need to protect someone from something.  Something that causes in me a feeling of wanting to change circumstances from what they are now to something I find preferable.  I am not an activist by any means.  I bless those who choose that bumpy path.  But I have long felt myself to be somewhat of a voice for those who haven’t found their voice yet.  Those who don’t speak up for themselves.  Those who can’t speak up for themselves.

It’s funny as I say that, that also, as a psychic medium, I give voice for those who have crossed over.  More who can’t speak up for themselves. But I’m talking here about the people I know who are too shy to voice what they want to say to someone.  Mostly for fear of repercussion, fear of backlash for speaking up.  I grew up in a household like that, where everyone was waiting for the axe to fall, at Dad’s mood.  Something I won’t watch 10 seconds of on tv?  A couple or family arguing. Off.  Period, end of story.

I went to work soon after graduation in a downtown Miami law office as a secretary and later legal assistant, which was my career until Horizons Magazine came along.  I liked the idea of working to help people who felt they’d been wronged by someone else.  I loved the legal field and my job and the feeling I got from helping someone.  Someone who didn’t know the right words to say, someone who didn’t know how to cite cases precedent, someone we had to be the voice for.

Then at different jobs, I could see some friends being treated unfairly and not sticking up for themselves and I’d feel it was my job to butt in and fix it.  Yes, think how aggravating that was for everyone but me, who thought I was doing them all a favor *laugh* But back then I was more of a crusader.  Now I am more of an allower.

So now, if I see someone involved in something and having a great time, I butt out.  If I see someone involved in something and having problems, I may speak up.

I can help them untether themselves from what is holding them back, but they need to fly on their own accord.

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