When Spiritual Types Try To Blend 3D Life With Inner Guidance

The other day at Getting Clear on Finances to Begin the New Year, I wrote that I was getting ready to open all my credit card notices that would tell me rates are changing unless I opted out.  One Facebook friend commented:  “Can I add here without everyone getting their knickers in a twist? There is no debt-this whole gig with the banks, and the economy just proved that for those at the top. There is NO debt- you owe No one! Believe, and it is so.”   I asked her what her advice be to someone who has $20,000 in credit card debt, bad credit, who just got laid off and has no savings, and can only make the minimum payments on half the credit cards they have?  I asked her, “What would you advise them to do?”

She replied, (and I have edited for space): I think civil disobedience is what we are being asked to do on a spiritual level!  In the big picture there simply is no such thing as debt. In the 3D there is an illusion of debt those at the top want you to believe.  But, then it was witnessed to us big time with the game they just played out for all of us to see. I’m counseling people to simply stop paying the banks— they have been unconstitutional for ever, but now, it’s even easier— as a group to simply stop paying them.  The Angels told me there is no debt. David Icke got the same message.   The hardest thing for us Spiritual types to do, is to blend 3D life, with Angelic guidance—yet, if we are truly on our path, (we’re) protected and provided for—that IS the teachings, right?

I deposited faith and trust into my account with the Universal Bank of God, and I was paid in synchronicity and people and places who were willing to support me (as I travelled).  So, I tell people now … to stop paying their credit cards; and stop leaving their foreclosed homes.  It’s simply the ‘right’ thing to do, but that’s what we have to do—to pull our energy cords out of the 3D—Get it?”
### end of her Facebook comment

This is where every teaching is open to interpretation.  I don’t believe that is the teaching at all. I don’t believe it’s hard at all “for us spiritual types to blend 3D life” with inner guidance.  I agree, if you start from zero and simply follow your guidance, you will encounter synchronicities that will carry you through life without having to have a dime on you.  But that wasn’t the question.  The question wasWhat would your advice be to someone who has $20,000 in credit card debt, bad credit, who just got laid off and has no savings, and can only make the minimum payments on half the credit cards they have?  What would you advise them to do?”

The premise of the question being someone who for 30 or 40+ years has had a different belief system and for whom her advice is of no practical help.  That’s what so few people have an understanding of or an answer for.  They know how to start from zero, but they don’t know how to tell you to get from where you are to where you want to be.  They are unable to tell you the simple steps to unravel the mess you’ve created for yourself so you can begin to move forward from there.  They are unable to provide a bridge.

Experience tells me you’ve got to bridge your old belief with something to give the new belief time to sink in.  That’s where I think the Abraham-Hicks work is invaluable.  In my experience, it never works to just tell someone something.  You have to say it in a way that makes them understand it, or you haven’t even engaged their interest enough to make them consider it.

In my experience, the way it worked for me was that I “woke up” and got aware as I was in the midst of a challenging relationship with mucho debt and yada yada, typical American life.  I didn’t start from zero.  There was no Abraham-Hicks back then, but I did have a daily meditation practice.  I began to study the books of Catherine Ponder and Napolean Hill, the theosophical authors and later Alice Bailey, some of whose books are still available online.  Bailey and the theosophical writers were not an easy read but were excellent fodder for contemplation and led to a huge personal awakening.

When Abraham-Hicks came along, my mind had already been plowed open and was ready for what they had to say.  So I had a LOT of bridges to gap my old belief to the new belief that my thoughts indeed created my world, my circumstances and brought people, events and synchronicities to me.  They were the bridge I needed to make my way to that new belief.

It also taught me that there need be no hardship in blending my spiritual life with the outside world, the 3D physical world.  It was only hard if I thought it was.  Once I KNEW that if I got my mind in the right place, if I could stay focused without resistance, as Abraham-Hicks says, I could literally watch the circumstances around me change for the better.

Above, my Facebook friend wrote that it  “there is no debt-this whole gig with the banks, and the economy just proved that for those at the top.”  I don’t know what that refers to, likely something that was on the news, which I don’t watch.

But experience tells me that none of that matters.  I don’t need to watch the news and do thoughts to counter what they say.  I can skip the watching of the news and stop having something to worry about.  In the meantime, since I am a spiritual being living in a physical body on planet Earth right now, I find the path of least resistance is simply to go with the flow.

How to go with the flow when you’re knee deep in debt with no job where you used to have two, and 3 kids, a wife and a grandmother to feed – today? You take it one day at a time.  While you begin to trust the Universe to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, you keep looking for a job.  You begin to help other people, even if only to give them hope.

You repeat to yourself that you want to change your thinking to allow you to experience a fuller life for you and those around you.  You ask that your thoughts be changed.

You remember that it’s all related. You begin to take steps every day to clear up what the momentum of the past has deposited into your Now.  And soon you’ll find that you are getting your debt under control, without withholding payment on your credit cards.  You’ll find you don’t have to refuse to leave a home that is being foreclosed upon.  You’ll find opportunities every day to clear up just a little more past baggage, whether emotional, physical, or financial.

You’ll begin to enjoy the journey of it all and not feel you have to fight against anything anyone is doing “to” you.

That’s how you blend your “spiritual” life with the 3D physical world.

My experience is: it’s that simple.


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