When Dr. Richard Alpert was becoming Ram Dass

Ram Dass as Richard Alpert

“We’d be sitting somewhere and I’d say, “Did I ever tell you about the time that Tim and I …”
And he’d say, “Don’t think about the past. Just be here now.”


And I’d say, “How long do you think we’re going to be on this trip?”
And he’d say, “Don’t think about the future. Just be here now.”

Be Here Now

I’d say, “You know, I really feel crumby, my hips are hurting …”
Emotions are like waves. Watch them disappear in the distance on the vast calm ocean.”

“He had just sort of wiped out my whole game. That was it — that was my whole trip — emotions, and past experiences, and future plans. I was, after all, a great storyteller.

So we were silent. There was nothing to say.”

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