Transformational Pranayama Workshop Saturday June 1st, 2013 with Al Rapaport from 11am-1pm in Melbourne, FL

Transformational Pranayama Workshop June 1st at 11:00am at Open Mind Zen Center, 878 Sarno Road, Melbourne, FL 32935.  This session of sustained deep breathing can have a host of positive physical, emotional and spiritual effects, including:  Deep Feelings of Relaxation and Joy, Increased Physical Energy & Sports Performance, Improved Mental Clarity, Lower Blood Pressure, Relief of Stress, Emotional Balance, Pain Relief, Increased Connection to Source.  Sensei Al Rapaport is an authorized Transformational Breathwork Facilitator with over 40 years experience with yoga, meditation and the human energy system. $25.   I began studying the kundalini syndrome in the 70’s after a personal awakening at the passing of my husband. My research and experience with others tells me the best way to regulate new energy coming alive when one undergoes a personal transformation is to establish a daily breathing practice and stick to it. I look forward to Al’s workshop.