No more waiting to get on with my life

Last night I went to The POD  and saw Richard Mekdeci, Sue Riley and Jana Stanfield in concert. Awesome and uplifting as always. I resonate with Jana’s song “I don’t want to be George Bailey waiting for the right time.”   I think of a time that for an entire 12 months,  a friend and I were waiting for one thing or another before we could get into a routine with each other.  A routine where I could sleep and work, and where their routine would not disturb my responsibilities or income.  A routine of daily spiritual practice together.  It took a year to realize we were not working toward the same goal, although we said we were. I had plenty of time to notice no effort on their part.  I chose instead to make excuses to myself and to everyone else for them.  DID THEY MAKE ME MISS A YEAR OF LIFE?  Nope.  I wanted to believe the dream, that we could have this cool soul brother friendship and that we’d come to it as equals. We never got that chance.  I could have made another decision at any time but chose not to.  My bad.  I don’t wanna be George Bailey either, no more waiting.
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