Things are going to move through your body

I love having friends who keep me awake. I ran into a fave pal at the beach. I remarked I hadn’t been in awhile and that I had a cold 10 days last month. He said “you’re always sick” and I said “what? I’m never sick!” He said “On Facebook that’s all you talk about: oh my cold, oh my arm, oh my hands, oh my knee.” I had to laugh because he was exactly right. However those things I don’t really count as being sick. Those are just things moving through my body. Everybody gets that. I just talk about everything I do and what I do to get through my daily life. The ups and downs. But I can’t count those as being downs, or “sick” because they’re just things. And things are going to move through your body. But I will be more mindful when posting 🙂

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