The Way Into The Vortex

Abraham-Hicks says, “The fastest way to get somewhere other than where you are is to make peace with where you are. What are the positive aspects about where you are right now? Stop making excuses.  Stop telling the old story  Stop giving any conversation to anything not in the vortex. Just get in there.  No more excuses, no more conversation about what you see happening that you don’t want.  Tell the story that brings you the greater relief,  Get hooked on alignment with Source energy.  Complaining is out of the vortex, whether your complaint is valid or not. Think the better feeling thought. That’s the way into the vortex.”

Don’t tell anyone else the story of what all has been going wrong, even if it’s a good, juicy story.  Telling the story would just make you vibe in a place you don’t want to vibe at and it would keep you from moving on to other good stuff.  Then don’t beat yourself up for it.  We all want to tell the juicy story; we all want to tell our side.  We don’t think we will be held back too long by just telling the story one more time.  But we can nip it in the bud if we want.  Stop telling the old story and start telling the story of everything there is to appreciate in the life you have right now.