The reason for Friday’s delay is made clear to me today

I wrote in Saturday’s How did I attract yesterday’s comedy of errors? that I’d had a series of events go not as planned, toppling my Friday and Monday schedules.  Instead of me going into my busy Monday first thing this morning, I’d had to reschedule my appointments so I could instead take the magazines to the post office for the monthly mailing the post office couldn’t take Friday.  It kind of irked me since I schedule myself so tightly, but it’s my own fault when things go all domino on me and topple when I don’t factor in room for error.  I’m always mindful that when something goes awry, I am the one who attracted it.  When something goes well, I am the one who attracted it.  I figured I’d just have to attract a good outcome to myself.

So today when I take the job in to the post office, it all goes quickly, and I’m in and out in record time.  As I am getting in my car, someone is driving into the parking lot and waving at me.  It’s a friend I haven’t seen in 25 years.  She recognized me as she was sitting at the light on Hwy 192. We sat and chatted for a half an hour and it was fun to catch up.  As she was leaving, she reminded me of a business transaction we had together in the 80’s.  Since she was now 12 Stepping, she wanted to make amends for having cheated me in the transaction and she wrote me a check for $1,000.  Had I not attracted Friday’s comedy of errors, I would not have been where I was this morning for her to see me as she was driving by.  And she lives in Vero. It all happens for a reason.

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