I send a Facebook friend request to 415 people in my email address book

Busy Tuesday

Success! Friend requests will now be sent to 415 friends,” the Facebook message on the screen said. “Once they confirm your friendship, you will be able to see each other’s profiles. These users will receive your friend requests shortly.”    WTF?  I’d been peeking through the names in my email address book to decide which I wanted to connect with on Facebook.  As usual I was also fielding phone calls and taking notes, and I must have done a Select All and Send command.  I hope the 415 people in my address book have a sense of humor. Especially the mortgage lenders and insurance agents, good buddies like that…  If you are one of the 415 wondering why you got a Friend Request from me when I only know you professionally or perhaps not at all, feel free to ignore it, my feelings will not be hurt. On that list is anyone who ever sent me an email asking for information or ad rates or sent me a solicitation or event notice.  AOL used to auto-add new names. Also on that list are some family and friends who call themselves very conservative evangelical Christians who would rather not be reminded of the work I do with Horizons Magazine.
It’s cool, guys, no pressure 🙂 Andrea          RELATED: Why I like Facebook

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