The new art studio is coming together

The inspiration is flowing! I’ve set up my painting studio in what used to be the dining room, and it’s coming together better than I planned.  Don’t you love when that happens? Everything fits and, for the first time in years, my paints and sketchbooks are laid out where I can sit down and work on a moment’s notice.  I always have several projects going at the same time, some related to the magazine, some related to writing and editing, and always a few personal projects, sewing and handyman stuff.  Sometimes 15-30 minutes a day is all the time I can spend on something, so I am used to working in jumps and starts.  Today I set up the watercolor station.   I inherited my husband’s paint supplies in the 90’s. He painted in oils and watercolor.  I was always an acrylic painter, so that opened new doors to me.  He was a real neat freak, so his paint supplies were kept immaculate.  It was good training for me to keep them clean and well cared for.  As I set up the watercolor station today, I noticed I had a relatively new set of paints and a half dozen new, unopened brushes — score!  I taped a few sheets of watercolor paper to pieces of cardboard and set them on the easels, ready to go.  I laid out the brushes and paints, the mason jars I use for water, and several paint cloths to wipe brushes on.  I’m already inspired!

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