The home fitness room expands…

My friend Wally just dropped off to me several dumbbells he wasn’t using, as well as a Reebok 4 lb medicine ball and The Sculpting Stick which is a really cool gadget.  I’m having fun devising a workout routine I can do here at home in the wee hours.   I’ve been talking with noted personal trainer Cindy Ruccolo and she’s given me tips as far as targeting particular areas (see her video at her site).  On a related note, here are’s Top 10 Most Effective Ab Exercises and a 10 minute a day workout plan from Tony Horton on Dr. Oz

Glad I dressed for the gym because it got me there
The home fitness room expands
I’m lighter, healthier and more fit at the end of the year than when it began
Working out as soon as I wake up works best for me
I join Planet Fitness the day before Thanksgiving
Hereinafter “Ab Day” will be Core Strengthening Day instead