The body knows before I do – my mysterious tell-all stress indicator flares up

The body knows before I do.  I had another example of that this week.  Like before I get a hot flash, I will have the thought in my head “hot flash”.  I didn’t know that until I knew to look for it.  Or if I am going to get indigestion, I know it because I feel compelled to take my neckchain off several hours before.  When I get stressed, my body gets a hot red patch in a particular spot, which disappears as soon as the stress is gone.  I only get it every few years.  I get it even if I am not aware that I’m stressed.  The last time it happened, it was in October 2006 when I did the Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute .  I was not feeling any stress at the time and was on a happy road trip with galpal Rev. Beth Head. Suddenly the first night on the road, I notice it.  It let me know that there would be stress going on.  But I was on the week’s retreat for change, so I figured stress would be part of that.  A few days later I had a breakthrough experience and within an hour the red patch was gone.  It had done its part to convey its message.  Then last week I got the red patch again!

Two weeks ago I’d applied to refinance my mortgage.  It was a flurry of activity but none of it felt stressful and it all flowed fairly smoothly.   I wasn’t aware of feeling stressed about it.  Then this week I got the hot red patch again – and that told me my body knew something I didn’t know.  The next day I was told Wells Fargo could only refinance my first mortgage, and the day after that, they denied my refinance altogether.  I felt mentally relieved to have an answer, but the red patch did not go away.  In fact it began looking like a rash and itching and wanting attention.  That was my signal that whatever was stressing me had another step to go toward resolution.

I meditated on it and got no big a-ha or brainstorm, so I pushed it to the back of my mind. Like Abraham-Hicks says, don’t worry, if I ignore a message, it will get bigger until I get it.  It would have to get bigger if it wanted me to know what it was telling me.  I went to the office and checked email, and sent a few emails to the insurance people, bank people, inspectors, appraisers and everyone who’d helped me the past two weeks.  One of them wrote back suggesting I call a friend of his, who was a mortgage broker.  I made the call and gave her all the info between Wells Fargo and I.  That was Friday afternoon, so I don’t expect to hear back until next week.  I don’t feel stressed about it.  This morning the hot red patch was gone.  My mysterious, tell-all stress indicator knows something I don’t know.  I wonder what it is?*

I guess it doesn’t really matter, does it?  It’s all good news if I make it be.


* I Get My Mortgage Refinance

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