That yellow wrapped paper on your driveway? How to unsubscribe from Your Essential Shopper

Take it back, take it back, take that thing right outta here. Right away, far away, take that thing right outta here. — Take It Back (Cream)

Like most of you, I get a yellow wrapped paper thrown onto my driveway every week that sits there unopened until recycling day.  It’s weekly junk mail from “Yes! Your Essential Shopper, An Edition of Florida Today”.   Inside the all-ad newspaper, I found a contest phone number and the call center gave me the number to call for Customer Service at Florida Today for Brevard County, FL. I called 877-424-0156 and asked Tonya Washington to unsubscribe me.  She said she took me off the list but as of 3-4-11 I am still getting it.  I called again today and asked Jennifer the same thing and she sent an email to those in charge asking that it be discontinued.

3-18-11 Update I spoke to Karen Bross who said she will remove me from the list.  We’ll see.

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